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186 water-surge hot spots to be closed for 3 months

186 water-surge hot spots to be closed for 3 months

A record 186 forest and recreational areas in danger of being affected by a surge in water will be shut down between November and January of next year, according to the minister of natural resources and energy Takiyuddin Hassan.

He added that the department of geosciences and minerals has also warned residents to avoid conducting any recreational activities during monsoon time. I've been told that a phenomenon of water surge typically occurs every 30 years, like the one that occurred in Baling, Kedah.

Locations which are in danger will be shut down, such as Gunung Stong in Kuala Krai and Jeram Linang in Pasir Puteh, he told reporters at the beginning of a conference here today,said by online casino malaysia for android.

Yesterday, the home Minister Hamzah Zainudin said his ministry has identified up to 5,500 hotspots for flooding across the nation, including the 186 areas that are that are at risk of suffering flooding.