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2NE1’s Park Bom Sparks Fans’ Concerns Following Drastic Weight Gain

2NE1’s Park Bom Sparks Fans’ Concerns Following Drastic Weight Gain

Park Bom (bagbom) recently was the subject of a huge amount of reaction on social media after her recent appearance at an event held in the Philippines. The solo artist was a part of"2022 Popstival "2022 Music Festival" within the capital city of Manila earlier this the evening of Friday (21st October). She performed a variety of her top hits, like "Fire", "Spring" and "You as well".

In viral TikTok video from the show the 38-year-old singer dressed in a black gown, with a simple pearl necklace to complement her look. While fans were thrilled to watch Park Bom perform live on stage, many were unable to voice their concerns about her health,statement by judi bola online malaysia.

Particularly you can observe it appears that Park Bom has gained quite an amount of mass (due to her appearance that is swollen) This is quite a shift from how she appeared in the public earlier in the year. In January 2021 the former 2NE1 participant revealed she had lost 11 pounds from her weight of 70kg when she followed the infamous Juvis diet.

In the end, many fans are concerned about Park Bom's present health. Many even suggested it was possible that the "I Don't Mind" singer could be suffering from health problems. However, her company immediately issued an explanation to disprove the claims. They said, "There is no problem in Park Bom's health. As of now she's regularly working out and eating a healthy diet. This is an outcome of her choice ."

As I mentioned before, Park Bom made the media after she lost more than 24 pounds in the past year. She stated, "I had a hard to lose weight due to ADD (attention deficit disorder) treatment however it's beneficial to shed weight. I've lost weight and taking fewer medications and I'm getting better ."