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Absent Castillo will be with us in spirit, say Ecuador

Absent Castillo will be with us in spirit, say Ecuador

Byron Castillo will not be in the field in the World Cup opener on Sunday. Ecuador play Qatar for the World Cup opener on Sunday however, the player will be present in spirit to symbolize the hardships that the South American side faced just to reach Doha.

The 44th-ranked Ecuadorians have climbed up to the fourth spot and final one from what is arguably the most difficult qualifying contest, and overcoming obstacles both on and off the field which resulted in Castillo being dropped from coach Gustavo Alfaro's team.The Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) did not decide to add Castillo following Chile made a claim before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that Castillo was not eligible to participate during World Cup qualifying matches because his real citizenship was Colombian.

The claim was rejected The dispute body, however, ruled that Ecuador could lose three points before 2026's World Cup qualifiers and be punished with a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs ($106,000) for having a document with inaccurate details.Doing not want to risk future legal issues, Alfaro made the painful choice not to summon Castillo.If you only saw the agony that Byron suffered,recalled Alfaro during the news conference held on Saturday.If you had only seen the pain of the entire team, the affection of the players towards Byron.

Byron represents us as a sign. the fact that he is with us on the field tomorrow, even if he's absent.The difficulties Ecuador confronted hardened the men of Alfaro He says they refused to play the role of victims, but instead stood the challenge and continued to work.We were forced to endure things we didn't want to experience, but we had to face,said Alfaro.I informed my players that to be mindful of on how you handle issues; if you're looking to be a victim, you act like a victim.

We considered all of this as hurdles that we were forced to overcome and we didn't try to make ourselves look weak We based our efforts on our dreams, and our goal was to be a part of the next World Cup.While Ecuador are favored to exit Al Bayt Stadium with a victory on Sunday, Alfaro ranks the contest as a toss-up.Qatar can't compete with Ecuador for top talent, however they will attempt to compensate for their weaknesses by bringing their players together having played and trained together for a number of months to prepare for Sunday's game.

Qatar refers to Qatar and they've been working on this match for more than twelve years,stated Alfaro.They've been working for fiveto six months, playing in friendlies which implies they're a well-organized and well-prepared team.Which reported by sportsbook betting malaysia.