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BAM want Misbun to come up with more structured programme

BAM want Misbun to come up with more structured programme

The post of the national head coach Datuk Misbun Sidek's job is secure for the moment and he's been assigned the responsibility of putting together better-organized performance to be successful at the World Junior Championships in the coming two years.Malaysia has had their worst performances at the world junior championships since none of the athletes or teams made it to the quarter-finals for the mixed or single team events.

Its Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) secretary-general Datuk KennyGoh stated that Misbun has committed to looking into the structure of coaching and rectify the weaknesses.I am convinced that Misbun has promised that he'll revisit the structure of coaching said Kenny who is the committee's coaching and training chairman.He will also conduct a post-mortem examination to pinpoint the areas where he can improve.

We require an organized plan for 2023 and 2024's the world championships for junior athletes.At this moment, he'll have the chance to do the tasks he has to complete as soon as is possible.He must sit down with the relevant organizations like the staff of sports science and administrators , and develop a plan.The World Junior Mixed Team Championships will take place at Honolulu, Hawaii from Oct 2-6 in the coming year. The 2024's world junior championships are scheduled to take place in Auckland too in October (the location and dates can be changed at any time).

The planned program to assist Malaysia create the world's junior champs may be the key that Misbun requires to keep his status as the nation's junior champion.He said to trusted online slot malaysia.