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Boon Heong rules out coaching as he continues to help doubles

Boon Heong rules out coaching as he continues to help doubles

Tan Boon Heong does not plan to become an instructor in the near term, however the doubles star isn't afraid of playing as a sparring partner in the national doubles team.Boon Heong, the former world No. 1. Asian Games men's doubles gold medallist along with Koo Kien Keat responded to the request of his former coach Rexy Mainaky to compete with the top pair of women's doubles Pearly Tan and M. Thinaah.

The national doubles coach's invitation was one Boon Heong was unable to turn down and was considered a chance for the 35-year old to give back his experience and knowledge as an athlete.The arrangement is also extremely flexible, meaning that Boon Heong is able to decide about his sparring schedule and the athlete is pleased with the arrangement, which gives Boon Heong the flexibility to perform his work without any red tape.

I do not intend on becoming a coach, however I do like to provide my services in the form of a partner for as long as I'm of the physical fitness to compete with national team,said Boon Heong.Coaching is a different matter completely as you must develop programs and organize all aspects of training, tournaments and tournaments.I like to spar with players, where I can assist them improve as I provide them with tips and tricks when they play.If my experiences and knowledge are useful to players, I'm not afraid of sharing them, but I do not make them available to anyone else.

Different players use different styles and methods So what I did when I was playing might not be the best for certain players.Boon Heong further stated that it was still too early for him to make any comments on the current status of Pearly-Thinaah and other teams with whom he's been sparring with since yesterday's training session was his only third session with his national squad.Which reported by online jackpot game malaysia.

The first session was held on October 15 before the participation of the national players during the Denmark and French Opens, while the second session took place last week.I am able to complete just three sessions and it's too early to make any decisions about their current levels. I've played with the men's doubles , and today (yesterday) I played an hour-long time in with Pearly and Thinaah.said Boon Heong who has an academy of his own (TBH Academy) in Kuala Lumpur.I will be joining them for a few times each week. If my schedule permits I'd be happy to spar for a few days in a week.

Rexy is also pleased that his kids are benefiting from a game of squaring off together with Boon Heong.He still has his moments and it's for the players to learn from his sparring , and learn from his experiences. This is also beneficial to us since he is our third eye when it comes to recognizing the weaknesses of players and provide feedback on helping them improve,said Rexy.He is permitted to join in sparring whenever the time is convenient for him. All he has to do is contact me at least a day in advance to allow us time to plan.The arrangement has worked as expected. Boon Heong is proving to an additional tool for improving this department of doubles.