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Bryan looks to idol Boon Heong for inspiration at World Juniors

Bryan looks to idol Boon Heong for inspiration at World Juniors

The focus will be focused on the Singles Shuttler Justin Hoh and doubles player Fazriq Razif during the World Junior Championships, Bryan Goonting has been a bit of a surprise. Goonting has slipped by unnoticed.

However, Bryan is content with his lack of attention and is determined to deliver with a surprise as Bryan debuts along together with Choi Jian Sheng (men's doubles) and Lee Xin Jie (mixed doubles) in the prestigious event that begins by hosting the mixed team event on Oct. 23, followed by individual events on October 24.

And 17-year-old Bryan must be looking to the idols of his father as well as former world No. 1 male tennis doubles player Tan Boon Heong for inspiration.Boon Heong was the winner of his first World Junior crown along with Hoon Thien How back in 2004.He said to sportsbook malaysia.

I am extremely excited as This is my very first World Junior meet. I'm hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to perform my best. I would like to be awarded a medal in any color.I'm motivated to be successful as my hero Tan Boon Heong, said Bryan.The youngster, raised in Kuala Lumpur, had started watching Boon Heong's games following Boon Heong's All-England victory in the All-England tournament alongside Koo Kien Keat in 2007.

I began to watch Boon Heong as a child when I was only two years old , when Boon Heong was the winner of his first All-England Championships. I was awestruck watching him play, as his smashing was intense and his defense was excellent.

Then I began playing by myself at the age of seven. At first, I had a blast playing my twin brother for an entertainment and it was really enjoyable. As time went on, I became better and better , and I was chosen for the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Association (KLBA) at the age of 11. I was selected for the national team at thirteen years old. explained Bryan.

The youngster demonstrated his skill by winning the Czech Junior International with Jian Sheng last year.Bryan-Jian Shan also won winning The Indian Junior International Grand Prix in the month of March.In the present, Bryan is looking to maintain his excellent form and impress at this year's World Junior meet in Santander, Spain.

Jian Sheng and myself have been playing together for nearly an entire year and have become more confident. We'll give it our best in every game and have fun playing our game. Bryan concluded. Bryan.For the Mixed Team tournament, Bryan and his teammates face a difficult task since they will be competing against the top players Indonesia, Sweden and Latvia in Group A.Only the winners of the group advance to knockout rounds.