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Chelsea's Potter ready for mixed reception on return to Brighton

Chelsea's Potter ready for mixed reception on return to Brighton

Chelsea Manager Graham Potter returns to old club Brighton and Hove Albion on Saturday admitting that the timing of his mid-season move was not ideal, but the opportunity was too appealing to pass up.

Potter is likely to receive an unpopular reception by his Brighton audience when he comes back towards the South Coast in an attempt to extend his streak of unbeaten games since he was appointed manager of Chelsea manager, which has now stretched to 10 games.

Brighton however have yet to be a winner since Potter left and was substituted with Italian Roberto De Zerbi.Sometimes life offers you opportunities and you need to decide whether you want to take chances as they come, or you don't,Potter told reporters.Timing was not ideal for anybody and it's not uncommon for that to happen. The choice to join here was too great to refuse.

I do not have expectations for the crowd. Most people I've met who are from Brighton are supportive, but I'm not naive. That's not the case for everyone.Potter is still a resident of the Brighton area, however he states that he hasn't encountered any kind of hostility.No since I don't socialize this too much. I travel from home to here. It's boring so it's fine,he said.

Although Brighton haven't yet won under the leadership of De Zerbi, they are in ninth just four places behind Chelsea and Potter states that his old team have not been lucky in recent matches.The results have all been excellent. Luck is sometimes needed, and you'll have to. I'm aware of the talent of the team. It's an uneasy game that we have to win,Potter said.They're an excellent team that understands the importance of space.Apart the luck factor, these guys would be able to score more points. Fantastic group of boys and top-notch staff too. I had a wonderful time at the hotel.

Chelsea have been drawn in their two most recent Premier League games - 0-0 at Brentford and 1-1 in their home games against Manchester United with questions being raised about their inability to score goals.Raheem Sterling is the one who has suffered the brunt of the rage of fans after not scored since the end of August. Potter believes that there is no reason for a player to be exempted from the blame.

Raheem's ability is evident. It's best for me to consider the team and ways we can improve our attack and have more chances to win,Potter said.Chelsea will once again be without Kalidou Koulibaly, the central defender, due to knee injuries.Brighton haven't beaten Chelsea since the FA Cup tie in 1933.He said to online football betting malaysia.