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China iPhone factory under lockdown quadruples bonuses for workers who stay

China iPhone factory under lockdown quadruples bonuses for workers who stay

The world's biggest iPhone manufacturing plant located in central China has informed its workers on the following day (Nov 1) it will quadruple rewards if they remain at the factory after workers fled from a Covid outbreak that was threatening the plant.China is the only major economy to adopt zero-Covid policies, and is coping by imposing snap lockdowns, massive testing, and prolonged quarantines to stop emerging outbreaks.

However, new variations have been tested by local authorities' capacity to contain flare-ups more quickly than they be spread, which has led to a large portion of the nation to live in a constantly changing swath of Covid curbs.Taiwanese tech giant Foxconn's facility in Zhengzhou is in lockdown since mid-October. Foxconn saying that they are conducting daily tests on employees and making sure they are in a secure loop.

However, complaints from employees circulating through Chinese websites have been based on low working conditions and insufficient protection against the virus for those who aren't infected.I only had a small bag with 3 packets of noodles in instant and four milk bottles and two water bottles, and several pieces of bread" one escaped Foxconn worker identified as Li Yan who walked for three hours after leaving the factory reported to the state-owned China Newsweek.

Online videos posted this weekend showed Foxconn employees fleeing from the campus of the company and returning to their home towns on walking, hoping to get around Covid Travel restrictions.He said to trusted online slot malaysia.