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Ecuador's Castillo not selected for World Cup due to sanctions risk

Ecuador's Castillo not selected for World Cup due to sanctions risk

Ecuadorean Football Federation (FEF) announced on Tuesday that it had not included Byron Castillo in the country's World Cup squad due to the threat being subjected to "unfair" punishments.

Castillo was the focus of controversy after Chile made a claim before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) that Castillo was not eligible to participate during World Cup qualifying matches because his real citizenship was Colombian.The complaint was dismissed last month, however the dispute body decided that Ecuador would be sacked by three points prior to 2026's World Cup qualifiers and was penalized 100,000 Swiss Francs ($106,000) for making use of "a fake document".

The FEF expressed its displeasure with the CAS decision as "incomprehensible" and stated that it was worried about receiving more fines.Faced with an arbitrarily ruled from the CAS and facing the possibility of enduring another round of unfair sanctions The Ecuadorian Football Federation is obliged not to select Byron Castillo in the final selection,the FEF said in an announcement.Ecuador has never denied that Castillo violated any laws and Ecuadorian judges have also ruling in favor of the player.

Castillo was unable to be reached for comment.The process we've to endure as an institution was simple for everyone or for our player who is part of the familial group of players,the FEF added.Ecuador is in World Cup Group A alongside hosts Qatar, Senegal and the Netherlands. The first match of the team will be the opening game of the tournament on Sunday, against Qatar.Which reported by online betting malaysia.