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GE15: No to unity govt with Pakatan, says Muhyiddin

GE15: No to unity govt with Pakatan, says Muhyiddin

Perikatan Nasional rejected a suggestion made by King Abdullah to create an uni-government along with Pakatan Harapan, says Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.The Perikatan chairman has said that it was always the position of the coalition to being against cooperating with Pakatan.

We had discussed the issue before. We are not cooperating with Pakatan and that's the position of the party from that time until now,said Muhyiddin in the press conference held in front of his home at Bukit Damansara, on the Tuesday (Nov 22) evening.Muhyiddin claimed that he was requested to sign a document in the event that he agreed with the concept of a united government. He added that He had signed the letter , but with the indication that he was not with the idea.

He said that, when he handed over the declarations required by law before Istana Negara, he had been able to secure the support of 115 MPs.We also have an acceptance letter from Datuk Nazim Mohammed Alim Yang di-Pertuan's private secretary, acknowledging the receipt of these documents.I would like to provide evidence that, when we submitted the numbers, we surpassed 112 which is greater than the 112 that is required by the Federal Constitution and we were certain that we were capable of forming the government.

But when I went to meet the King, I discovered that this (he stood up to an array of SDs) did not suffice. I'm not sure of the reason that led to this however there is proof,he said.Which reported by slot online malaysia.