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Iran close ranks amid uncomfortable questions on solidarity with women

Iran close ranks amid uncomfortable questions on solidarity with women

Iranians Karim Ansarifard, as well as Morteza Pouraliganji have refused to answer questions on the issue of solidarity with women from their country on Friday, just a few days following Alireza Jahanbakhsh suggested the questions were a plot to distract them prior to World Cup.

A number of Iranian athletes and females have participated in international competitions to show support for the protests which have shaken the country following the death of 22 year old Mahsa Amini who was taken into his custody by the Morality Police in September.Jahanbakhsh was adamant about his English media of ignoring the Asian team prior to Monday's Group B game in England and Ansarifard was quick to defend him during a press conference, insisting on the unity of the team.

It's my job to play football , and it is your job to inquire and we all have to conduct ourselves in our work,Ansarifard told reporters via translators at the Iran's training camp at Al Rayyan.This is the reason we always defend one another and speak what is truthful.Yesterday, there was a query that was asked by Jahanbakhsh. It was more than a little the same.

What we say is often interpreted another way by the media. Personally, I am to this place out of respect. Due to what transpired my words could be taken to mean something different.The question was then posed to Pouraliganji, the Co-ordinator intervened and asked questions about the World Cup only.However, when asked about the matter and if the message he sent to female fans who are hoping to go to matches during the World Cup, Ansarifard said they're for "all genders" across Iran.

It's an absolute privilege regardless of who's at the stadiums, no matter if they are our dads, brothers, our males as well as women,He added.We are all for the people in our nation. When I say that people of this country, they're not an exclusion. That's all men and women.We are respectful of all fans around the globe. Iran is home to one of the most loyal fan bases.We have enthusiastic fans who are extremely loyal. We're well-known for this and we're extremely satisfied with them.

Ansarifard is taking part in the 3rd World Cup and the 32-year-old who spent a year in Nottingham Forest, said he will rely on his experiences to aid in helping Iran get to the knockout stages for the very first time.We want to be able to make it through the knockout stage. We are hoping that until the final second of the third game of our group, we will fight to the very last moment to achieve this dream of a lifetime,he said.

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