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Maddison praises great ‘energy’ in England camp

Maddison praises great ‘energy’ in England camp

James Maddison said there was an incredible "energy" within the England World Cup squad as Gareth Southgate's squad aims to complete the final hurdle and claim their first major prize in 56 years.The team, led by the striker Harry Kane, reached the semi-finals of the tournament in Russia in 2018 . They then lost a gruelling defeat to Italy in the final of the the tournament that was delayed for Euro 2020.

The players, sporting their blue uniforms and a light workout, were in the Al Wakrah training base outside Doha in the evening, as the prayer call rang throughout the stadium.Manchester City pair Kyle Walker and Kalvin Phillips Kalvin Phillips, who were out for extended periods with injuries, were part of the squad.Leicester midfielder Maddison who has only one international cap Maddison said that the mood of the Leicester camp was positive just 24 hours after landing in Doha.

We've witnessed England at major tournaments over the past few years and they've done a fantastic job,said the 25-year-old and added that the team had conducted the "positive exam" after injuring his knee during an Leicester match on the weekend.There was a sense of community at the Euros and also in Russia that the team spirit was evident for everyone to witness publicly, even inside the team. In the return to the squad and having a meeting within the first few days, it's been the exact same type of thing.

You will feel it. It's an energy that is positive and strong.England have had to fight for their place in the last year and was eliminated from the top league in the Nations League but Maddison said that this would not ease the pressure on players.We recognize that expectations are high , and in the two recent major tournaments, the players have performed absolutely well with a semi-final, and then the final,He said.

There's only one more step you can go , and that's winning , and the fans are entitled to have high hopes. We've got a great team and we'll hopefully succeed.Maddison, a midfielder who scored goals He said he was never sure if his chance to play for England was lost despite not being able to be called up following his single cap in the year 2019.He said to jfdbet online sports betting malaysia.

There are certain times when it could be that you feel like you're playing well but not being selected as was the case at times but it's all about having the proper mindset and being determined to succeed and not assuming it's an impossible task,he said.We've observed with Gareth particularly in the past how the players he's helped bring back the event they're not in good shape and I was fortunate enough to be in good form in this tournament.Maddison stated that he was hoping his name would be the key player who could assist England achieve its first major title since being named world champions in the year 1966.