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Nafuzi faults management for unprofessional way he was handed letter

Nafuzi faults management for unprofessional way he was handed letter

Terengganu coach Nafuzi Zain enjoyed a remarkable season for the club taking them to semifinals in the Malaysia Cup.The team beat the the defending champions Kuala Lumpur 3-1 in the second leg of the quarterfinals in Gong Badak's Sultan Mizan Stadium in Gong Badak on Sunday, but instead celebrations, Nafuzi fired a salvo at the management over his team's incompetence.

The 43-year-old Nafuzi was the subject of numerous requests to join the Turtles and said that he'd been given an one-year deal, but what really irked him was the manner in which the deal was concluded that he felt was unprofessional manners.He received his extension of contract via a kitman in training, but there was no discussion.They sent me an offer letter on Oct 27, but I received it on 29th. The kitman who handed it over to me during my training. I believe I'm the first coach to get an offer of contract from a kitman" he told the press conference following the match.

I am a little surprised because you're a professional football club. I should be contacted to discuss my contract, and also discuss the plans to build the team for the coming season.But this wasn't the case in any way. In the offer letter it only stated the performance indicator that was the most important was for the coming season. There's nothing about salary or anything else.Look at the salary, it's not something I'm looking for first. I was just curious to find out if I'm valued. However, it seems that each season, they're only focused on the KPIs.

This season, the team placed 2nd on the Super League, qualified for the FA Cup final, qualified for the Asian stage, and are currently at the quarter-finals stage in the Malaysia Cup. I am shocked at the way I've was treated.For the game with KL, Nafuzi was glad that his team was able to take down the reigning champions, despite facing some tension from the opposing team.

Terengganu was the first to score by way of Manuel Ott in the 21st minute However, KL scored a goal in the 45th minute with the help of Haqimi Azim Rossli.The home side took the lead after forward Tchetche Kipre scored the winner in the 60th minute.The final icing was the moment Kpah Sherman netted his 7th goal in the Malaysia Cup campaign in the second half of the 88th minute.In the first match, Terengganu had beaten Kuala Lumpur by 1-0. They advanced to the semi-finals with an aggregate of 4-1.

KL have a proven trainer (Bojan Hodak) and players who are of high quality. It was difficult to defend just an 1-0 advantage from the opening leg,said Nafuzi.When KL scored the equaliser near the close of the first period We felt a bit of pressure , but the team was prepared to take it in, and we scored 2 goals during the second period and helped us to get to finals.As of now, KL coach Hodak said Ryan Lambert, J. Partiban and Romel Morales were not able to play due to illness and it hindered their training.He also thought that the quality of Terengganu's personality contributed to the distinction.

Players such as Tchetche Kipre Kpah Sherman as well as others contributed to the change. Even when Romel was on for a short time but he was not ready, explained the Croatian.Look the team we have is tiny, which is difficult when our most important players are injured suspensions, sickness, and injuries. We're hoping next season we'll have a larger budget to spend on players.For his future, Hodak said talks were in progress with the club and he plans to remain in charge of for the City Boys next season.Which reported by jfdbet sportsbook betting malaysia.