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New Italian PM Meloni sees tough times, denounces Russian "blackmail"

New Italian PM Meloni sees tough times, denounces Russian "blackmail"

Giorgia Melloni Italy's first female premier, pledged on Tuesday to lead the country through some the toughest time that have followed World War Two and to keep a strong support for Ukraine in its war with Russia.With a stern tone, in her inaugural speech to lawmakers, Meloni said her conservative coalition would be able to make its voice heard throughout Europe and denounced fascism despite her own far-right party's roots.

Italy will continue to stand behind Western restrictions on Russian president Vladimir Putin regardless of a pressure on gas imports coming from Moscow, Meloni said during the speech, which was a broad-ranging one that ran for over an hour.Anyone who believes it's possible to trade freedom in Ukraine for the peace of our minds is wrong,Meloni said.Giving the blackmail of Putin regarding energy will not resolve the issue, but it could increase the problem by opening the door to new requests and blackmail.

The leader of the nationalism Brothers of Italy, Meloni 45, won victory in the last month as part of an election coalition comprising Forza Italia, headed by former Premier Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini's pro-immigrant League.The Italian government has been the most right-wing ever since World War Two and former close ties with Moscow along with Berlusconi as well as Salvini have raised doubts about the country's foreign policy.Meloni later denied claims by lawmakers from the opposition of being anti-European, declaring "you don't need to be a federalist to be a believer that you are a part of European union".

(The European Union) has become involved in many things which should have been left to the nation state but is not involved in the biggest strategic issues, she said.Which reported by mobile slot game malaysia.


Meloni stated that her government would provide financial assistance to businesses and families affected from the economic crisis. She also warned that the price of this would mean that her administration could be forced to postpone some of its most expensive promises to voters.

The situation where the government must perform its duties is extremely complicated and could be the most challenging in the history of World War Two,she said, noting that the economy could slide into recession by the end of next year as it faces increasing inflation and disruptions linked to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as Ukraine.Meloni was born in the working-class area of Rome she portrayed her image as one of the underdogs, ready to fend off critics who have been accused of being an anti-liberal politician.

I have not felt empathy or connection to democratic regimes that are anti-democratic. There are no fascist regimes that I have ever felt any sympathy for, not even including,she said.In similar fashion, I've always believed that the (anti-Semitic) laws on race in 1938 as the most savage moment in Italian history, a scandal that will mark our country for ever.Concerning immigration, a crucial concern for many of her voters, she stated Italy is determined to stop the trafficking of migrants through the Mediterranean and collaborate with governments across Africa to stop flow of migrants from Africa.

Nobody has to come to Italy in a way that is illegal,she said.The Meloni supporters were astonished to see her standing up after her 70-minute speech with some shouting: "Giorgia, Giorgia".The lower house later ratified the new government through an affirmative motion with the margin of 235 to 154, including five absentees. The same vote is scheduled from the house of the Upper House Senate next Wednesday in which Meloni is also a clear majority.