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New technology can give earthquake warnings on cell phones

New technology can give earthquake warnings on cell phones

5.1 magnitude earthquake was felt at a distance of 12 miles (19.3km) from San Jose, California at 11:42 am at 11:42am on the Wednesday (Oct 25,).It wasn't a huge shaking however it was enough to make people talk. New technology is that can detect earthquakes and warn of earthquakes.In Chico State, in the new science building, is an instrument called the Heliquarter that is a computer monitor that monitors and displays seismic data. On Thursday the monitor was displaying data from Alaska.

As per Chico State Instructional and Research Support Coordinator Bill Koperwhats who is in the department of geology, there was an seismograph back in the days within the basement building of the former Physical Science Building.It was awesome,Koperwhats said.Students could see it during tours. However, the technology was old, going back to the late 1980s or early 1990s.Koperwhats stated that when he arrived in Chico State in 2007, the machine was no longer working. He took it down and put it back in place with a kiosk, which is a large monitor connected to a computer. It is able to pull the latest seismic data and data feeds from stations around the world.

Kids can stroll through and observe the location where data is taken,Koperwhats said.Koperwhats claimed the Robert Allen, a professor at UC Berkeley, developed an application known as MyShake. The app is able to pull seismic network data and utilizes sensors in smartphones to detect earthquakes and shaking. It was first released in the year. It can't predict earthquakes, but between 50 seconds and one minute prior to any earthquake occurs, the app will alert the user of the mobile phone of what's due based on seismic information.

It operates throughout California, Washington and Oregon,Koperwhats said.It warns you before the seismic energy gets to the location you're at and provides you with a few seconds to cover, duck the area and be prepared.Koperwhats claimed that Mexico City has had an early warning system for more than 10 years.

Mexico City's earthquakes happen along coastlines,he said.If they are detected the system can provide up to one minute and a half warning prior to the earthquakes occurring. It has saved the lives of many.Koperwhats stated that after an earthquake has been detected the seismic energy can be running 10 km (6.2 miles) per second. If you're 100 kilometers (62 miles) away from the epicenter you will have 10 seconds to wait before the shock wave strikes your body and sends an alert to your phone via MyShake. MyShake is available on both Androids as well as iPhones.

The Gateway Science Museum currently has an exhibit titled "Earthquakes as well as Epidemics." There's a kiosk that shows the latest seismic information.Alongside the MyShake app, the application QuakeAlertUSA developed by Early Warning Labs issues alerts even for lesser magnitude earthquakes, to those who download them.

Early Warning Labs said Tuesday it had sent out alerts to 928 people using Android as well as iOS devices through the QuakeAlertUSA application. These users, according to the company were likely to feel shaking that was three-level according to the Modified Mercali Intensity scale, which is a measure of the intensity of an earthquake.

Early Warning Labs said that according to U.S. Geological Survey rules for receiving an alert in the first place, an earthquake must be greater than magnitude 4.5 and the predicted intensity must be over MMI 3.Chico Enterprise-Record/Tribune News Service.He said to slots online malaysia.