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Nova: June Wei still plagued by inconsistency and lack of stamina

Nova: June Wei still plagued by inconsistency and lack of stamina

Nova Armada has requested an independent shuttler Cheam June Wei to work on his endurance and consistency following an early exit from the Australian Open on Wednesday.The Indonesian coach believes that his team was beset by a lack of both, which led to his loss of 17-21, 14-21 against Japanese's World No. 20 Kenta Nishimoto in Sydney.

Inconsistency and fitness issues are one of June Wei's weaknesses. In the game with the Japanese, June Wei was in the lead 15-9 and 11-9 during two of his games , respectively however he let the opponent catch-up to him and then overtake him twice,said Nova.His adversary was healthy and that made him an advantage.June Wei appeared to have found his consistency in his last few outings as reaching the semi-finals of the Vietnam Open and finished runners-up at the Indonesian Masters last month.

His excellent performances had pushed him up 14 levels in the world rankings, from No. 65 to No. 51.The loss in Sydney however, proved that he still had a lot of work to be done to keep his momentum on the upswing.There was also happiness of women's singles shuttler Goh Jin Wei, who is also coached by Nova in Sports Affairs after she reached the quarter-finals , which will set the stage for the possibility of playing Thai's World No. 9 Pornpawee Chochuwong.World No. 44 Jin Wei breezed past India's Anwesha Gowda, 21-7, and 21-13 in the second match at the Quay Center in Sydney yesterday.

Nova was delighted with her task of making the final eight but admitted that she was facing the challenge of Pornpawee today.The goal was to get Jin Wei to at least get to the quarterfinals and, should it be possible, the semis.Her physical health is in good shape and she is happy to play the games here played at night since she can take more time to relax and get ready for the day.Now that she is in the final eight, she will need to get out and take on Thailand today,said Nova. Thai this morning,added Nova.Which reported by best online slots malaysia.