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PFA asks UEFA to add concussion substitution rule as 'bare minimum'

PFA asks UEFA to add concussion substitution rule as 'bare minimum'

UEFA must play an active role in efforts to reduce the chance of injuries to the head in soccer by introducing substitutes for concussions according to the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) declared.IFAB is the rule-making body, approved to test permanent substitutes for concussions in 2020. Following this, the Premier League and the Women's Super League introduced the system in England in the year prior.

However, the union of players claimed that European soccer's authorities had not included concussion-related substitutes into major tournaments such as for instance the Champions League, Europa League and Nations League.This problem must be addressed immediately,Adam White, the director of the PFA's special Brain Health department, said in an announcement.As an absolute minimum UEFA is one of the most important bodies in football should set the example and implement the permanent rule of substitution for concussion. This is an issue that the PFA will discuss in discussions with UEFA direct.

The union said that football officials in England must go one step further to introduce temporary substitutions for concussions.According to current rules the players are screened on the field and then allowed to play or replaced. Medical staff may be as patient as they like, however they are under pressure to make quick decisions.The PFA is seeking a policy to be implemented where players can be removed from the field for an appropriate assessment, with the possibility of a replacement coming as their replacement. If the players are cleared of the assessment for head injuries, they could back on the pitch.

Put simply the current rules of the game could be threatening the health and safety of players,White said.The latest decision by the PFA is a result of Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez suffered a head injury during an accident with teammate Tyrone Mings in their Premier League defeat to Newcastle United at the weekend.He was treated prior to returning to the game, but he was replaced after a few minutes.He said to live casino sportsbook malaysia.