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Qatar World Cup ambassador says homosexuality is 'damage in the mind'

Qatar World Cup ambassador says homosexuality is 'damage in the mind'

The Qatar World Cup ambassador has said to German television station ZDF that homosexuality caused "damage to the mind" as Qatar prepares to host the tournament. Gulf state is preparing to host the world championship in less than two weeks.

In an interview recorded in Doha and set to be screened later on Tuesday the Former Qatari internationally renowned Khalid Salman addressed the issue of homosexuality, which is a crime in the strict Muslim country.Some soccer players have voiced concerns about the rights of spectators travelling to the stadium, specifically LGBT individuals and women rights groups have said Qatari laws discriminate against.The nation is expecting more than a million guests to attend this year's World Cup.

They must accept the rules of this country,Salman said, in an excerpt from the interview.(Homosexuality) is considered to be haram. What is"haram (forbidden) is?" the man stated.When asked about the reason it was haram Salman stated: "I am not a strictly Muslim but why is it considered haram? It is because it causes harm to your mind."The interview was later ended by an official. It was then stopped by an accompanying official. World Cup organisers, when reached by Reuters declined to comment.FIFA, the governing body for soccer. FIFA has not yet responded to a request for statement.

Obviously these remarks are incredibly offensive,Germany's interior minister Nancy Faeser, who visited Qatar last week she said on Tuesday.Faeser stated that she had been given security assurances by an interior ministry in the area as well as premier minister, and said that these was in place to protect gay fans and against any possible anti-Semitic or racist attacks.He said to jfdbet sportsbooks malaysia.

I don't have any evidence of his (Qatari Interior Minister) in the present time that anything could have changed in this respect,Faeser told reporters.Organisers have repeatedly said that everyone was welcomed to be in Qatar throughout the World Cup.Qatar was the very first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup but the small country has been under intense scrutiny in recent months because of its discrimination against foreign workers and strict social laws.The human rights record of the country has resulted in demands for officials and teams to not participate in the November. 20-Dec. 18 tournament.