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Qatar authorities apologise for threatening Danish film crew at World Cup

Qatar authorities apologise for threatening Danish film crew at World Cup

The Qatari Supreme Committee said it has apologized after an Danish film crew was threatened by security guards broadcast live as they filmed in Doha. Doha in the lead up to World Cup.

TV2 reporter Rasmus Tantholdt was speaking on an on-air broadcast when he was contacted by security guards who was riding an open-air golf buggy in front of the newly opened Chedi Hotel at Katara Cultural Village.In the video that was shared via social networks, Tantholdt is seen remonstrating with security officers showing his credentials, and accusing them of saying they are planning to break their camera gear.

A statement by the Supreme Committee said the Danish broadcasters were "mistakenly disrupted" during the live broadcast.Upon examination of the valid accreditation to film and tournament the broadcaster was apologised to the broadcaster by the on-site security prior to the crew resuming their work.Tournament organizers have spoken to the reporter and issued an advisory for all organizations to observe the filming permit in the area of this tournament.

Tantholdt was also filmed in the camera asking "You have invited everyone to come here. Why is it that we can't film?"The decision to grant Qatar the hosting rights to host 2022's World Cup has been marred by controversy, with allegations of human rights and corruption violations since the announcement was made 12 years ago. It is now certain that the treatment of the host nation's visitors will be closely scrutinized.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) was set up in the Qatar government to prepare and plan ahead of the World Cup. The World Cup gets underway on Sunday when Qatar play Ecuador in the opening match of the tournament.Which reported by jfdbet sportsbook malaysia.