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Slim cushion over Kuching City no comfort zone for Sabah

Slim cushion over Kuching City no comfort zone for Sabah

Sabah midfielder Irfan Fazail, despite Sabah's victory by 1-0 over Kuching City and has reminded his team that they shouldn't go for granted in the face of Kuching City during the second part of the Malaysia Cup quarter-finals in Kota Kinabalu today.Premier League outfit Kuching, who beat Super League side Penang in the final 16 of last season, Kuching gave Sabah an opportunity to earn funds on Sabah's State Stadium on Nov 5.

A seasoned striker Baddrol Bakhtiar made the difference in the 69th minute of the game when the striker pounced on the rebound of Farhan Roslan's shot to give Sabah the goal that was crucial in Kuching.Sabah are keen to make their first semi-final for Malaysia's Malaysia Cup since 2018.In Kuching, it was 50-50 which meant we needed to fight to the end for a win.

However I believe that having the advantage of home ground gives us an advantage and increase the confidence of our players,said the 31-year-old Irfan.Our supporters,support has been steady throughout the entire season, regardless of whether we're winning or losing.Their presence is a major aspect in helping us defeat Kuching City and advance to the semi-finals.

We will take as far as we are able to (in Malaysia Cup) to win Malaysia Cup) for the fans.A former Harimau Muda player was also given a fresh lease on existence through Sabah Coach Datuk Ong Kim Swee after injuries had hampered the chance of him playing regularly in action.Refreshed and healthy, Irfan had started in the three previous matches and is hoping in his quest to please Kim Swee whom he played for in his Harimau Muda times (2010-2014).

I'm pleased to work together with trainer (Kim Swee) in the coming year, and also to have the opportunity to play with Malaysia Cup,said Irfan. Malaysia Cup, added Irfan who was an ex- Johor Darul Ta'zim teammate.I am a 90 minutes in the past three games.And as a result of not having principal players like Gary Steven Robbat, I would like to prove my worth in order to gain more opportunities.

Sabah the team, who have lost three times in their 11 games at their home stadium during the Super League, have produced some of their most impressive games at Likas Stadium and are not likely to miss an opportunity to progress into the semi-finals this afternoon.He said to sportsbook malaysia.