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Smartwatch helps woman trapped in Itaewon stampede notify family

Smartwatch helps woman trapped in Itaewon stampede notify family

A WOMAN trapped within Itaewon, Seoul, during the stampede, utilized her smartwatch to call her family after she was rescued by a staff member of the nearby retailer, Oriental Daily reported.Her belongings were all gone including her phone during the stampede. But because of her watch she was able to call her parents.The woman whose identity has not been disclosed said that she was tempted to go back and leave when she realized there were more than enough people.

However, her decision was too late, and she found herself being pushed out into the crowd.There were too many pedestrians in this alley, I could not walk.I was thinking about leaving in the shortest time possible, but then there was an explosion and the crowd started to fall.I was pushed into an establishment, however my body got stuck in the crowd, and I was unable to move. The store staff came out to assist and amid the chaos, I had to get rid of my mobile phone and bag,she said.

Because of the smartwatch the woman was able to make emergency contact numbers and her father who was on the line quickly drove over to Itaewon to help his daughter.A woman who couldn't afford to cover legal costs and needed a lawyer hired him to assist her with her problem and then left him after a month, as reported by Kwong Wah Jit Poh.

The Daily said that the woman whose name was Gina was on LinkedIn to search for an attorney in her region.After reviewing the lawyer's profile and then scouring his social media pages and discovered that he was a frequenter of an establishment of coffee near.The woman continued to have random encounters with the lawyer who later contacted her.

The two dated for one month, and he aided her to deal with her legal issues until they were resolved.But, Gina left him after confessing that she didn't like him.Which reported by trusted online slot malaysia.