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Spurs boss Conte slams 'crazy' post-World Cup schedule

Spurs boss Conte slams 'crazy' post-World Cup schedule

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has criticized the post-World Cup fixtures in England and has League Cup ties set to be played within a couple of days of the final match in Qatar in the coming month.

The World Cup, which begins on November. 20will end on December. 18 while the Fourth Round of the League Cup is scheduled to begin the following week, and the top flight Premier League resuming on Dec. 26.In the lead-up to the league match on Sunday with Liverpool, Conte said he was worried about the welfare of his players.

We knew about this scenario We knew it was a mistake to hold an event like the World Cup during the league and also the Champions League. This kind of schedule is absurd,Conte told reporters.Honestly It's really odd to me in England that we have playing three days following the finals in the World Cup. We're the only nation to have done it. Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and others are relaxing and breathe.I find it a bit bizarre that on the day of Dec. 21 is three days since our final game, we're set to play a match at the Carabao Cup. After three days you'll have to take part at the Premier League.

Conte declared the soccer's governing bodies had caused an "impossible" situation due to local leagues as well as UEFA trying to squeeze in matches prior to the World Cup.Many times, I've heard about the welfare of players, but this is only an appropriate way to demonstrate that you're interested in the wellbeing of the players. This is because they're not actually concerned about the well-being of players when the schedule is as it is,he said.

In every single moment, you demonstrate that the main thing is that the show has to continue and, if you can, I'd like to hear about those who speak about the well-being of the players, because that's not true.Which reported by best sportsbook in malaysia.