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State govt only agreed to 14km Gapau-Lenggeng road, says MB

State govt only agreed to 14km Gapau-Lenggeng road, says MB

The Negri Sembilan government only agreed to the construction of a 14km highway that runs through Gapau as well as Lenggeng permanent forest reserve areas following the government of the Federal Government approved the plan in the past five years, according to Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Aminuddin Harun (pic).

He stated that his Rural Development Ministry had approved the Kg Gagu-Ulu Beranang single carriageway back in the latter part of 2017 after an application from the state government.After we became the state's government, the state's exco was again discussing the issue in the beginning of 2021. We initially decided to not go ahead with the issue,said Aminuddin.

He said that the exco was then able to find all the stakeholders, such as Jelebu residents to find out whether they would be interested in the project because it would encompass nearly 95 ha of the reserve forest area.The people from Jelebu thought the project was beneficial as it could cut down on travel time between both locations and make it easier for them to get to areas such as Kuala Lumpur and bring more growth to the region," he told reporters during the state exco's gathering the previous Wednesday (Oct 19).

Aminuddin stated that his office then wrote to the ministry, stating that there were absolutely no issues with the plan.The government also requested the ministry to seek opinions from departments such as the Forestry, Environment, Wildlife and National Parks and Orang Asli Development departments to ensure that all rules are observed.

The Public Works Department was also instructed to examine the alignment in order to prevent removal of trees, and also to construct an overpass for wildlife in order to ensure that the State's Central Forest Spine Action Plan was not undermined.Aminuddin said that the state government had also stated that the green light could only be granted after it was determined that the Environment Impact Assessment was conducted and the report was deemed acceptable.

Only after all that was completed after all this was done, it was announced that the Forestry Department on Oct 5 this year, issued the possibility of tendering to any interested party to cut down trees from the area.So this tendering process is not against the policy of the state government of not allowing any activities to generate revenues from our reserve forests, but it is only to permit the construction of a project to the benefit of the entire population, he said.

Aminuddin responded to an article in the online portal that quoted Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka) that claimed that the state government was guilty of hypocrisy in permitting the harvesting of wood within its forest reserve.

This NGO has been quoted declaring that the country has been hit several times by natural disasters, and the state government needs to ensure the protection of its forests in order to guard it from climate change and global warming which have caused extreme weather.Which reported by trusted online slot malaysia.