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Taliban ban women from parks, morality ministry says

Taliban ban women from parks, morality ministry says

Afghan women will not be permitted to go to parks according to a spokesperson from the Taliban's morality department said partly because they did not conform to the requirements of Islamic dress code during their trips.

Mohammad Akif Muhajir, the spokesperson in the Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was quoted during an interview to local news media upon being asked questions regarding the limitations on the use of alcohol, was able to refer Reuters to an audio recording from the conversation.For the past two or three months, we tried to create an environment that was in accordance with Sharia (Islamic legislation) and our cultural norms to allow women to enjoy nature parks the official said.

Unfortunately the proprietors of parks didn't cooperate with us well as well as the women did not adhere to the hijab, as recommended. At present, the conclusion has been reached that they should be banned,he said, refers on the group's interpretation of Islamic dress code for women.Most females in Afghanistan wear the head scarf, also known as a hijab, while out in public. However there are some exceptions. The Taliban have urged women to wear long flowing clothing which cover their body and should also protect their faces. This includes the all-encompassing burqa. Women in Kabul and other cities are not covered in public places, and some wear a face mask surgically made.

Western governments have stated that the Taliban should change its policy regarding women's rights. This includes an u-turn on the signals that they are planning to allow girls to attend high school and any other avenue towards officially recognizing this Taliban government.It wasn't clear what the time frame for which the park restrictions would last or if the park restrictions would extend to Afghanistan.

Park managers in the western Herat and the northern Balkh along with Badkahshan provinces stated that they have no request to restrict women from entering.Women from these provinces have told Reuters they were monitoring these restrictions from Kabul close and were concerned they could be enacted to other provinces.

Here they haven't imposed any restrictions on girls and women, however it is impossible to tell when they make a change of mind,said a woman from Badakhshan who requested to remain anonymous.The Taliban affirm that they are adamant about women's rights in line with their understanding of Islamic law.Which reported by mobile slot game malaysia.