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UEFA repeats opposition to Super League in meeting with ESL backer A22 Sports

UEFA repeats opposition to Super League in meeting with ESL backer A22 Sports

The UEFA team met the representatives of A22 Sports, the company that is backing a proposal for a European Super League (ESL) at Nyon on Tuesday. They was once more against any idea for a separate league the governing body of soccer in Europe announced.

The event was attended by UEFA the president Aleksander Ceferin and officials from Europe's top leagues. They had a meeting together with A22 Sports' new CEO Bernd Reichart as well as its founders Anas Laghrari and John Hahn.Nasser Al-Khelaifi European Club Association (ECA) Chairman and Paris St Germain President, was also present at the meeting, together with the CEOs of various clubs and representatives of supporters' associations.

In keeping with the unanimity that is European soccer, UEFA together with the other football stakeholder groups have once more unanimously rejected the reasoning behind projects like ESL in today's debate,UEFA said in an announcement.The participants took note with awe, of the assertions from A22 Sports CEO that this firm is not representing any club in any way which includes the three clubs that continue to publicly support the initiative.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus were among the 12 clubs that announced the split from the Super League in April last year. However, following the reaction of everyone in the board, from fans to governments , the idea was quickly canceled.Six English clubs including Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur plus Inter Milan, AC Milan and Atletico Madrid resigned from the plan.

Real, Barca and Juve continue to promote the idea, but after an Madrid court blocked UEFA from imposing sanctions on the breakaway clubs , the matter was sent to Luxembourg's European Court of Justice.


Our conclusion from the discussion was that we believe the current as it is now is acceptable to UEFA. This is a position that was anticipated since UEFA was the only and dominant participant in European club competitions since the year 1955,Reichart said in an announcement.This structure of monopoly is currently being examined through the Court of Justice that is expected to present its findings in the spring of 2023.UEFA stated that English clubs were not present in the meeting on Tuesday as the clubs were due to participate in the Premier League shareholders meeting.

Reichart The former CEO of the media company RTL Germany was named his new Chief Executive Officer of A22 Sports Management last month and stated the European football clubs are "lagging in terms of their chances".Although the initial concept of the Super League suggested it would be a closed league comprised of wealthy teams, Reichart stated that there will be a promotion and the possibility of relegation.

Reichart added that A22 were contacted from "numerous clubs" and was in talks with them regarding changes, but he didn't mention the clubs that were involved.A22 specifically stated it's ongoing dialog with other stakeholder groups and with clubs regarding what the future holds for European club competitions has to be conducted in a safe environment, free of threats or other constraints,it said.

In this respect, A22 requested that UEFA not engage in such activities in order to allow clubs and other parties the liberty to share ideas on significant reforms. UEFA assured that this would happen.He said to sportsbook malaysia.