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Umno trio stay loyal despite unkind cut

Umno trio stay loyal despite unkind cut

Despite having been widely criticized for being dropped as candidates for election, the senior Umno members Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Tan Sri Noh Omar and Datuk Halimah Mohammed Sadique have chosen to stay loyal to the Umno party.Annuar He, who was not able as a candidate to fight his Ketereh seat in parliament, confessed that he received offers of other opposition parties such as Perikatan Nasional, to defend his seat on their ticket , but did not accept them.

Noh in his turn, however, claimed that his reaction was shocked after it was revealed that the man "was the traitor" in the conspiracy. He was dismayed that he wasn't properly informed about his exclusion.Annuar The Ketereh Umno head, stated that Ketereh Umno chief Annuar said that the Perikatan contestant for this seat Datuk Khalil Mohd Nor was a close person he could trust and will not interfere with his plans.I have advised my friends and other parties that I wanted to join them to not be fighting with each other. The fact is enough. Umno members fight over me.

I do not want to create trouble for anybody,he said after Kelantan Barisan candidates were presented the letters of appointment to run for GE15 yesterday.In his statement on his decision to remain faithful to Umno the company, he stated: Some say that there is still time for an unexpected surprise.I can't join any other party. It's not because I dislike them, but rather because of my stance.Annuar added that he will try his best to assist his Barisan Candidate for Ketereh Marzuani Ardila Ariffin to win the seat.

Her dad was my friend Her mother continues to support me. Sometimes , when she cooks she'll even take food to my home.These people showed me their total support. They gave their lives for me. It's now time to repay the favor.He added.Noh was also adamant that the Tanjung Karang seat has to remain in the coalition even though he was dropped.

No matter whathappens, we can't be able to lose this seat. Be aware of that. Although I'm not the nominee, but it's my duty, and that of everyone else to ensure there is Tanjung Karang is Barisan's (seat),he said in the launch of the election machinery of the coalition.For GE14, Tanjung Karang was the only seat in the parliamentary system that Barisan took home in SelangorSelangor has 22 seats in the parliamentary system.Noh stated that he'd provided the names of five people from Tanjung Karang, Umno's top fivenames, including his.

The top five initially stated that I'd remain the candidate. However, the word circulated that there was an election change. I tried to talk with President (Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi) but the president was busy,he told the crowd.Noh finally met Ahmad Zahid and asked him to confirm his change of his candidacy.I were accused of not adhering to instructions of the party and accused of being an enemy of the party. I was shocked by the allegations.If I had suffered from an issue with my heart, or had high blood pressure, I'd have fainted at hearing this ,he said.

Noh The Selangor Umno chief, stated that his displeasure was not due to being excluded, but due to the lack of adequately informed.I am sad that my efforts and sacrifices for the party weren't appreciated in the eyes of the president. But I am a political man, and the fight must continue,he said.However, Halimah, who is Kota Tinggi's parliamentary candidate has said that she does not have plans to stand as an independent, but she would rather run for Barisan.I will be on the ground and help those who are running under the Barisan ticket. We, the women's coalition wings, have huge heart,she added.He said to trusted online slot malaysia 2022.