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Wales talisman Bale can defy doubters with last hurrah in Qatar

Wales talisman Bale can defy doubters with last hurrah in Qatar

For the past 10 years Gareth Bale has been Wales the nation's top player, a legendary figure with a rare talent that has enabled them to be competitive with the best but he is now heading into the World Cup with question marks about whether he's still able to perform at the top quality.As Wales the all-time highest scorer, with 40 goals from his 108 appearances, Bale's heritage is unquestionable.

He was able to secure their place in this tournament, for the first time since the past 64 years almost entirely, scoring the three goals they scored in their playoff victories against Austria as well as Ukraine.However, a move towards Major League Soccer with Los Angeles FC that was meant to aid in his development of the form and endurance far from the distractions that Europe's top leagues isn't moving.

It started with a lot of promise with Bale scoring twice in his first four MLS games However, he hasn't scored since. Bale has played 12 games within the MLS this season, with only two appearances.He has never played more than an hour in any MLS game, and has usually been restricted to a part in the game, but he'll hope to take part in this Saturday's MLS Cup final against Philadelphia.In his final Wales performance in a 1-0 loss to Poland on September 11, he clearly was not in peak form which was a source of frustration of Wales coach Rob Page.

We will be in touch with the club to help with the management of those time,he said at the time.However, Wales fans could be encouraged by Bale's performance at the club has not been a reliable indicator of his performance in the national team.


In the days when his time playing in Real Madrid was becoming more restricted, he raised the flag, which had an eloquent message: "Wales, Golf, Madrid in this order".His performances in support of his nation have never been disappointing.With Bale on the team, Wales are getting used to winning major championships that were previously beyond their reach.

They made it to the first European Championship in 2016, winning the semi-finals, and again qualified to participate in Euro 2020, before reaching the World Cup for the first time since 1958. They will play England, Iran and the United States.Although Bale may have lost a bit of his speed but he is still capable of putting together moments of true brilliance.

His dead ball skill is exceptional, as he showed with an amazing free-kick against Austria in the semi-finals of the playoff and also showed that the strength of his game within the box, with his brilliant strike in the corner for the second goal in the match.At the age of 33 his career is at its end But Bale has advised not to take too much from his MLS performances.

We have a strategy in LA that we're following,he said recently.Every footballer would like to be as active as they can. However, we're using our wits to build myself up for the final important phase in the year. I hope that this will get me ready to play in next year's World Cup.He said to jfdbet football malaysia betting.