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AFL offer 'booted' Melaka and Sarawak a lifeline

AFL offer 'booted' Melaka and Sarawak a lifeline

The only method to ensure Melaka United and Sarawak United which were kicked out of the M-League to be viable within Malaysian football is to start from the bottom. The Amateur Football League (AFL) which is the organizer of M3, M4, and M5 leagues, have offered them a helping hand.

However the AFL haven't received any request or inquiry from either team to play in the lower league. The court heard on Tuesday that Melaka as well as Sarawak were unable to win their attempts to stay on the M-League. The Malaysian Football League (MFL) was adamant in the face of both clubs failing to pay their officials and players..

AFL Chief Operating Officer Raimi Fakri stated Melaka and Sarawak haven't applied to participate in the 2023 season. The registration process is open through the end of the month. Their appeals were ruled out on Tuesday, which means they're probably contemplating alternatives," said Raimi today.

Melaka and Sarawak weren't relegated as a result of their roles on the Super League this year. They were sent down due to other reasons. Based on our rules that both teams must begin at the bottom of Malaysian football that is known as the M5. The AFL board will discuss whether they will consider their applications,report by football malaysia betting.

Raimi said that a notice was recently distributed to the 14 teams that are participating for the M3 next season. We were able to have 20 clubs participate in the M3 this season, however we're looking at the possibility of a 14-team tournament next season. Clubs must meet certain requirements to meet to participate in M3. This is similar to M-League licensing conditions," he added.

The year 2020 was the time that Felda United and UKM were kicked out of the M-league for failing to obtain a club license. Both teams stopped operations in the wake of the decision made by MFL.