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Algeria Sacks Director of State-Owned TV Network

Algeria Sacks Director of State-Owned TV Network

The government of Algeria was dismissed on Sunday the director of the Public Television Establishment (EPTV) Chabane Lounakel the day after the channel broadcasted the Morocco national team for in the World Cup semi-finals.

The broadcasting of Morocco's score through EPTV was a first for the network. EPTV network was a first for the EPTV network since Algeria's pro-regime media had been refraining from covering Morocco's success as a team at the 2022 World Cup.

In a statement issued by the Algerian Ministry of Communication, Algeria's news agency APS announcedthat Nadir Boukabes was replaced by Lounakel as the director general of EPTV which is also called Television Algerienne - a company which manages an affiliate of public television in Algeria.

The report however, did not give the reason that led to the dismissal of the director general of EPTV which was announced in May 2021. This isn't the only time Algeria has decided to make a political statement aboutsports. The month of November in Algeria, the TV channel TV2 Algerie sparked controversy after broadcasting an analysis of the three games and did not display Morocco's 2-0 win over Belgium during Belgium's World Cup.

In the midst of constant support from thousands of Arabs and Africans around the globe There was no one among the Algerian officials expressed their gratitude to Morocco in its qualification for the semi-finals. Morocco is now one of the very first Arab and African country to make it to the semi-finals within World Cup history,said by online sportsbook malaysia jfdbet.

The demotion of Lounakel has raised concerns in certain media, including news magazine Le Matin d'Algerie. The regular change of director generals is not over. Nadir Boukabes was previously EPTV's Director of News. The unenviable job as CEO of the public TV group is a real exit seat. The director generals of the company were dismissed with three being fired by Tebboune by himself during his brief three-year term. Staggering instability, Le Matin d'Algerie wrote.

Algeria's online channels have demonstrated that a large number of Algerians have expressed their joy following Morocco's semi-finals qualifying in the World Cup. A lot of people have been seen flapping Moroccan or Algerian flags to mark Morocco's victory against Portugal on Saturday. The vote of support is in line with the King Mohammed VI's Throne Day speech, in where the monarch stated the need to close frontiers that divide Moroccans as well as Algerians will "never hinder their interactions or understanding."

In his speech the King also spoke of his campaign, and urged Algeria to join in an open dialogue to break the political impasse between the two nations. Algeria ended its relationship to Morocco at the end of August in 2021. The two countries accused Rabat of creating wildfires in Kabylia region. Morocco regrets Algeria's decision and rebuffed the claims of the Moroccan regime.

This North African country also emphasized that it will continue to be an honest and trustworthy partner to Algerians. The tensions between these two countries have been brewing for decades since the Algerian regime is a supporter of its Polisario Front, a separatist group that is challenging Morocco's sovereignty and territorial integrity in Western Sahara. (c) Morocco World News. All Rights reserved. This content may not be used for publication, rewriting or redistributed without the permission of the author.