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Argentina or France: Who will win the World Cup?

Argentina or France: Who will win the World Cup?

It's time for a thrilling World Cup final in Qatar in the coming days, with France trying to defend their title in the final against Argentina this the 18th of December (Dec 18.). Both teams triumphed in their semi-finals with a convincing win and comfortably France defeated Morocco with a 2-0 win, and Argentina beat Croatia by a score of 3-0.

Argentina led by the great Lionel Messi, had shocked fans during their opening match in the tournament by losing the game to Saudi Arabia 2-1, but did not seem to lose their way as the tournament progressed.

France is, however have racked up a huge victory over the knock-out and group stage rounds and is hoping to be the very first group in over 60 years to win two consecutive World Cups. A majority of current and former Singapore soccer players and coaches that CNA spoke with However, they are predicting Argentina to take on France. It all boils down to the Messi aspect,said by jfdbet best online casino malaysia slots esports.


Footballer-turned-pundit Rhysh Roshan Rai, who previously played in the S.League (now the Singapore Premier League), said: I would like to see Argentina come out on top because I want Messi to win the World Cup. That would be an amazing opportunity to close the life of one of the most renowned players that the world has ever witnessed.

In a press conference on Wednesday evening, Messi, 35, announced that the final scheduled for the Sunday is his final World Cup appearance. Messi is the joint top scorer in this tournament, alongside France's Kylian Mbappe, who scored five goals. Messi is pure football excellence, said Roshan, saying that the player will be important to Argentina's chances.

On an operational level it is difficult to identify to defend the opposition because the player tends to play an 'unlimited role'. He is allowed to move to different areas of attack, and France has to be switched to this," he said. We've also witnessed Messi often rewind his time with his trademark dribbling. Like he did with the assist that he provided for the third goal scored by Argentina against Croatia. Took a young Gvardiol (Croatian defender) to school.