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Australia's PM says he's not in group of Australian MPs visiting Taiwan

Australia's PM says he's not in group of Australian MPs visiting Taiwan

Australia's Premier Anthony Albanese said on Saturday (Dec 3) that he will not join a group of federal lawmakers scheduled to go to Taiwan for the duration of a five-day trip that is to convey Australia's desire to ensure peace within the Indo-Pacific.

This group of people, that comprises Australia's ruling Labor Party and opposition Liberal-National coalition MPs, will travel towards Taiwan on Sunday. It is the first group of its kind to travel Taiwan since the beginning of 2019, the Australian announced on Saturday.

Albanese on Saturday said the trip was the trip was a "backbench" trip to Taiwan and not a state-led trip. There remains a bipartisan consensus regarding China and also when it comes to supporting the status quo in Taiwan, Albanese told reporters in the town of Renmark in South Australia.

When asked about the traveling politicians the motives of the politicians, Albanese said: I don't know I'm not going. it's best to consult them. The group also includes one of Joyce's former leaders for the National Party Barnaby Joyce, an official spokeswoman on behalf of Joyce was confirmed by Reuters that on the weekend. Two Labor MPs are also reported to be leaving,statement by trusted online casino malaysia 2022.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade spokesperson stated that representatives from different parties frequently traveled to Taiwan prior to the COVID-19 epidemic, and that the present delegation represents an opportunity to resume this activities. The group is said to be scheduled to have a meeting together with Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen as well as the Foreign Minister Joseph Wu, with the visit being supported by Taiwan's ministry of foreign affairs.

The trip is said to be kept under wraps to prevent Chinese diplomatic officials in Canberra campaigning against its cancellation . It is believed to involve meetings regarding trade, security agricultural and indigenous affairs. The trip to democratic Taiwan that is that is claimed as such by Beijing for Chinese territory, comes at a time when the newly elected Labor government has taken steps to repair its damaged relationships with China.

Australia has been at war with China which is its biggest trading partner in trade disputes, and the genesis of the COVID-19 epidemic, which is amidst the growing Chinese presence across the Pacific. But, Albanese last month met President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty (G20) summit in Indonesia and raised expectations for more enthused bilateral relations.

China's Embassy in Australia in the past year slammed the former Australian premier Tony Abbott as "pitiful" when he criticized Chinese pressure on Taiwan during a visit to Taiwan in a private role. Australia as with most other nations, does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan however, it has joined its ally , the United States in expressing concern regarding Chinese pressure, particularly military.