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Azalina, Syed Saddiq spar over citizenship promise in BN manifesto

Azalina, Syed Saddiq spar over citizenship promise in BN manifesto

A former lawmaker has come out against Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman who claimed that Barisan Nasional was trying to lure voters with promises of citizenship to children born abroad with Malaysian mothers. Azalina Othman Said reminded Muda President that she was the head of an parliamentary committee of special select on children, women and social development. She also raised concerns in Parliament on the subject.

Seriously? Wasn't it an BN MP who had asked a number of inquiries in Dewan Rakyat on this issue and drafted an individual member's bill you copied and pasted to submit?" she said in an tweet. A former Pengerang MP who is seeking an election for a fifth time, said this in an rebuke at Syed Saddiq who dismissed the promise made in the BN manifesto.

Syed Saddiq then pointed out that Azalina was supported by numerous opposition MPs, including himself and former deputy women as well as family and community department ministry Hannah Yeoh,report by slots games.

Ma'am I'm sure you're aware of the truth about this. The BN-led administration didn't let your bipartisan bill get through the day," he said. If they aren't listening to you, why should they listen to their mothers?

In response, Azalina answered: "Sir ... at the time you were 22 months in government, what did Pakatan Harapan do the constitutional change on citizenship?"

The month of September was when Azalina has filed an application to put on the table an unpopular bill of a private member's committee for an amendment to the Constitution to give children born overseas the right to citizenship via their Malaysian mothers. She was one of the 17 lawmakers who filed the motion only to have it defeated by Dewan Rakhyat Speaker Azhar Harun in the month of October.

The bill was a proposal the amendment of Part II of the Second Schedule of the Federal Constitution to insert the words "or mother" following the words "father" within the clauses (1)(b) (1)(c) and (1)(c). The motion was rescinded due to the fact that constitutional amendments are not able to be enacted without the approval from the Conference of Rulers.