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Britney Spears' former hairdresser praises her for 'loving her boys so much' amid ongoing estrangement from her sons

Britney Spears' former hairdresser praises her for 'loving her boys so much' amid ongoing estrangement from her sons

Britney Spears The former hairdresser acknowledged the singer as an 'incredibly loving as well as beautiful mom' despite the rift between her sons.

Robby, who has hairstyled Cher as well as Lana Del Rey's locks has been speaking about Britney's relationships with her sons prior to when the conservatorship was established, MailOnline can exclusively reveal.

He told me she struck me as an amazing, loving mama who loves her children so deeply. It was evident all the period. Britney 31, shares Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15 with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, 44. The sons of the star haven't seen their mother for more than six months, and have even decided to not attend her wedding in June to model American-Iranian Sam Asghari, their father previously told

Kevin told us in the last month that boys have made the decision that they're not going to see her at the moment the reason being that it's been a challenging couple of months after a judge decided on November 1st to declare her conservatorship for 13 years. Hairdresser Robby who will be involved in a new reality show called Blowing LA, said: "With Britney she had us do her hair. It was some time ago.

The moment was one of those"pinch me moments. I've admired her for my entire life . It was so nice to see her in her bathroom, styling her hair, her children were there at the time , and it was a truly wonderful time. It's a shame that she was in conservatorship. We had some intimate conversations, and I got a phone call later saying that you couldn't talk with Britney about this, this as well.

And I'm thinking, what could they have been hearing these intimate conversations taking place within the toilet? He also said that she gets her hair styled frequently, whether we're working on catching up on her rootsor applying foils. She did upload a beautiful image on Instagram of us as we did her hair,report by malaysia online casino slot.

She impressed me as a lovely, caring mama who loves her children so deeply. It was evident all the time. And a girl who wanted to fall in love before she got to meet Sam. So I'm glad that she's been married and has found love , and that her conservatorship is now over.

Robby said: 'As as a person she was exactly as everyone other. I'm talking about very kind and considerate, as well as fascinated by the world, how it operates and what our opinions about things were. It was lovely. We're both Sagittarius and we were able to connect with respect to that aspect.

The most important thing I learned was the amazing mom she's. A boy came into the room and felt sick and she sat down and snuggled them, and made sure that they felt better. I've seen famous and high-end families send their kids to the nanny, and things similar to that, however Britney was a very compassionate mother. I admire her for that.

Britney has admitted to feeling as if a large part of her is dying due to her conflicting relationship with her sons, who are teenagers. In a brand new audio recording, the star 40-year-old actress said on the audio clip, which was shared via social networks on the weekend that she's lost all meaning now that she can't see these things.

She told me that I had my children at some point far higher than Kevin. Most people don't think about that part, because they focus only on negative aspects. However, from aged between six and nine I saw them for 70% all the time. Since their departure I've truly felt that the majority of me is gone.

Britney continued"Like, literally" I'm no longer a person. They were my love. They were my life. I awaited seeing them. It was something I longed for. Then suddenly, they disappeared. And I was thinking Was my heart about to cease to beat?

Britney stated that she isn't sure why it's so easy for them to just cut me off in that manner'. The reason she gave for sharing the recording was due to the fact that her therapist was only available "usually once per week', and it's crucial to her to feel that I'm able to communicate with her.

Later she posted a naked picture via Instagram after her sons had told her they found them offensive. Britney shares images as a way to demonstrate she has the power over her body following her 13 years of conservatorship. Her private life was covered by an Emoji.

Her words: "I'm quite upset for the rest of my life. I'm in a p***y state and I'm not likely to show up again because I'm stubborn. I'll make my point. She ended by telling his father in a direct manner: Look at this photo in this picture ... I want to kiss you mother's and f**king insult you, f**king ba**d.