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Brittney Griner lands in US after prisoner swap with Russia

Brittney Griner lands in US after prisoner swap with Russia

Griner was incarcerated for carrying cannabis oil in an Moscow Airport in the month of February and was later released for Russian weapons dealers Viktor Bout on Thursday. She was transported to San Antonio, where she will receive medical treatment.

John Kirby, the White House's John Kirby told MSNBC on Friday that Griner was well and is in "good spirits" and in "good overall health".

White House President Joe Biden first announced that Griner would be returning to her home in the morning on Wednesday. Her spouse, Cherelle Griner, who attended the Biden announcement at the White House, was expected to be with the president on the streets of San Antonio,report by bet casino malaysia.

"Brittney was forced to go through an unimaginable experience and we're happy to see her back home with her family and acquaintances," NBA commissioner Adam Silver stated in an announcement about her return.

Griner was detained in February - a few days prior to Russia attacked Ukraine. She is among the most well-known female sportswomen in America. In the US basketball season, the two-time Olympic winner was also a top center in the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA.

The reason for her trip from the US to Moscow was so that she could play soccer in Russia during off-seasons and to play in US. In her test in Russia she admitted that the cannabis oil that was found in her bag was an "honest error".

The Biden administration suggested the exchange of prisoners in July, knowing that Moscow has been long seeking to release Bout who was a jailed arms trafficker dubbed"the Merchant of Death. He was imprisoned at the US prison for 12 years. American prison for the last 12 years.

The footage posted from Russian state media shows them walking across the asphalt together with the teams they were with. In the footage, which was made available by Russian security agencies, Bout was warmly greeted by two Russian officials as Griner who stands 6 feet 9 inches (206cm) is observing. The exchange was later edited out prior to showing both people moving on their own.

The Russian citizen has been returned to his home country, the Moscow foreign ministry announced in an announcement. Live TV in Russia revealed Bout making his way to Moscow. Photos showed him hugging and kissing his wife and mother on the airport's runway.

I did it. It's all about the process, he told reporters at the airport. In the in the middle of the night, they woke me up and told me to get my things put together he said. Griner was 32 years old when she turned the big day this month, is set to be celebrated in Houston with an entertainment show as the city's mayor Sylvester Turner said.

In tweets in a tweet, the US special ambassador for hostage issues, Roger D Carstens, has welcomed Griner back home. "So glad to see Brittney returning to US land," he said. It's not clear what time she'll stay at San Antonio before travelling to Houston approximately 200 miles (320km) to the east.

This Friday White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre announced that Griner was transported into Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio where she was given "a variety of options for support". She did not speculate on the length of time Griner will be in the facility. "They'll be able to take as long as they're able to," she said.

It is believed that she'll be a part of in the Department of Defense programme known as Pisa (Post Isolation Support Activities) that is designed to help former prisoners adjust to life after detention. On Thursday, a spokesperson for the department of state Ned Price said the government will talk to Griner about what she's in need of.

She can seek help from the US will offer and we will to make it accessible she needs, said the president explained to MSNBC. A number of Republicans expressed their displeasure with their White House for agreeing to the agreement.

What is a "stupid" and embarrassing embarrassment to our country, USA !!! Former president Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social website. The tweet is an offer for Vladimir Putin, and it puts at risk American lives.

And Republican Representative Adam Kinzinger - a high prominent critic of the presidency of Donald Trump tweets in Twitter on Twitter that Biden administration showed "weakness" by appointing a release Bout. The swap included two private planes that brought Bout as well as Griner the Abu Dhabi airport from Moscow and Washington and then flying them back to their homes.

Negotiations began to secure Griner's release in the summer The US declared that they had stated that they desired former Marine Paul Whelan to be part of an exchange. In the last week, Russian the president Vladimir Putin announced at a press conference that prisoners swaps with Russia with the US could be possible as well as that intelligence agencies remain in touch.

However, Whelan was convicted in 2018 over suspicion of spying, wasn't included in Thursday's swap, destroying the family's hopes. In a call to the penal colony in which Whelan is held, Whelan told CNN he was "greatly dissatisfied" that nothing was accomplished to get him out since he claimed the incident was not his fault. crime.

I do not understand why I'm sitting there, he said. I was believed that things were going toward the proper direction and that the government was in negotiations and that something would be done in the near future. Mr Carstens said to Whelan via a tweet to "stay firm and never let your faith go". We're working to get you back home according to the special envoy.

Republican chairman Kevin McCarthy, who is predicted to be speaker of the House of Representatives wrote on Twitter that the failure to secure Whelan's release as part the agreement would be "unconscionable".

Viktor Bout sold arms to government officials and warlords He became one of the most sought-after men. His actions led to his film Lord of War in 2005. Hollywood production Lord of War. His dark side ended with a complex US operation in 2008 when he was detained in an Hotel in Thailand's Thai capital Bangkok in the midst of the fury from authorities from the Russian government.

He was extradited in the year following and has spent the last twelve years inside an American prison because he conspired to aid terrorists and murder Americans.

The footage that was released from Russian State media shows him getting off his plane carrying an arrangement of flowers prior to hugging his mother and wife. After her husband's return home, the wife of Bout Alla informed the state media agency Tass the husband had been fed well and lavishly treated throughout the swap of prisoners. He was not tied and not handcuffed. He was treated with a lot of kindness She said.