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BTS ARMY to celebrate V aka Kim Taehyung’s birthday in grand manner; from opening cafes to bus project

BTS ARMY to celebrate V aka Kim Taehyung’s birthday in grand manner; from opening cafes to bus project

BTS members V is among the most loved and well-known K-pop stars. V is a South Korean singer is all set to celebrate his 27th birthday on the 30. Fans have planned special celebrations for their star, Kim Taehyung, on his birthday. The fans of Kim have gone way beyond the call of duty to ensure that his birthday has an event to be celebrated across the globe. See ways that they BTS Army will mark V's birthday by opening cafes, the decoration of buses to making gifts.

The Indian Army's birthday celebration project

The Indian fandom of V which is also often referred to as"the "Taehyung India Fanbase," sent an advertisement video to Mumbai's Infinity Mall which will be displayed on the nation's largest LED screen starting on December 29 until December 31 and also to "Vardaan Market" in Kolkata in Kolkata, where it will be displayed from December 28 until December 31,report by newtown online casino malaysia.

Vietnam Army's birthday celebration project

Between December 30th and December 31st, Vietnamese fans 'Double Rich Team' will put up ads with LEDs at the Hanoi's Savico Megamall.

The Cafe Project

Nuna V is one of V's most well-known Korean fan websites. Nuna V is apparently self-funding one of the biggest worldwide cafe events to date. They will be celebrating the birthday of their idol with greater awe than they have ever. It's expected to be held in six cafes that span six different countries that include South Korea, Japan, and Dubai.

Baidu Viva

Baidu Viva is considered as the most popular K-pop fandom. V's fans are showing their gratitude to him to celebrate his birthday around the globe through a variety of methods. The V Thai fandom, called 'BTS V Thailand', will be displaying an extremely large LED advertisement in the Bangkok's MBK Center from December 25th until December 31st. In celebration of the event, the fan club announced they will be running advertisements across each of 22 Oculus screens for two days from December 29 until December 30.

Bus project

Nuna V is said to be organizing the 'Vung Vung Bus' that will be decorated with Taehyung's pictures. As a reference at V's "purple you" statement the buses will sport the purple theme.