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China recalls 6 diplomats over Manchester violence: UK

China recalls 6 diplomats over Manchester violence: UK

China is removing six diplomatic officials from UK including the consul general in Manchester following their arrest. They were accused of beating the Hong Kong protester in the northern English city, Britain said on Wednesday (Dec 14).

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the six ambassadors had left the country before the deadline of Wednesday set by London for them to renounce their immunity as diplomats and to be investigated by police regarding the incident in October.

Greater Manchester Police launched a criminal probe following an Hong the Hong Konger Bob Chan alleged Chinese diplomats were able to subject him to "barbaric" treatment, including drag him into their compound to assault him at an anti-Beijing demonstration.

As part of this investigation, we asked for six Chinese officials remove diplomatic immunity so that they can be interrogated," Cleverly said Wednesday. He said that the Chinese Embassy in London was given the deadline to "them to act". In in response to demands In response to our demands, our request was granted and the Chinese government has since taken away from UK the officials involved, including the consul general himself." Cleverly noted,said by welcome bonus online casino malaysia.

London's top diplomat claimed that London's reaction demonstrated it's "adherence to the law of the land" and the seriousness that we deal with these events. In the aftermath, China's Embassy in Britain issued a warning at Cleverly this Wednesday stating that Cleverly made irresponsible remarks that distorted facts.

The British government failed to effectively stop the intrusion and violence carried out by the rioters, and also to ensure the security of the building and the members at the Chinese Consulate General," the Chinese embassy declared in a statement published the website. The UK side shows no respect for justice or legality and is acting in a manner that is irresponsible and shameful, it said, noting that they have launched solemn negotiations" with Britain regarding the matter.