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Chris Evans and girlfriend Alba Baptista hold hands in first PDA photos

Chris Evans and girlfriend Alba Baptista hold hands in first PDA photos

Chris Evans and his girlfriend, Alba Baptista, were seen holding hands only hours after the news that the couple have been in a relationship "for more than one more than a year." In exclusive photos taken through Page Six, the Marvel actor, 41, and Portuguese actress 25 tried to keep their identities a secret as they walked around Central Park Thursday.

The couple, who were in private, held with one hand while they walked through the streets wearing the same glasses and masks. The two actors were casual by wearing casual clothes. Evans wearing grey sweatpants, black shirts with a dark hat while Baptista was seen wearing bright red leggings as well as a beige turtleneck.

The "Captain America" actor and his new lead lady appeared to be paying attention to the paparazzi in one instance since they quickly bowed their heads and released one another as they walked to the exit of the Park,report by trusted online casino malaysia 2022.

Despite their shyness in front of cameras A source told People, "They are in love and Chris has never been happier. The family and friends of Chris are in love with her." But, Evans has had a difficult time keeping his emotions off of social media since Evans left a flirty poston the Instagram account of the actress's post on Wednesday.

In promoting her forthcoming Portuguese film A The Dream of Paris, actress and "Gray Man" actor shared with a clapping hands emoji as well as a melting face emoji receiving more than 2900 "likes" within her "comments. While Evans might be the "Sexiest Man on Earth," Baptista has an equally impressive record of achievements. The "Mrs. Harris goes to Paris" star is fluent in 5 languages, and she has completed "an immense quantity humane work" in an orphanage in Cambodia.

Despite their age gap of 16 years, Evans thinks his age is a benefit in dating. You're spending much time studying what's been useful and what's not said by the People prior to their latest issue. There are patterns that we all have baggage, hang-ups, or patterns that echo and repeat, which is why I've found it easy to recognize areas where I could use improvement and what is working as a result, he said and added that being able to say "I'm sorry" is essential to keep healthy relationships.