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DRX beats T1 to win 2022 League of Legends World Championship

DRX beats T1 to win 2022 League of Legends World Championship

In the League of Legends World Championship finals in San Francisco, South Korean team DRX won a surprising victory against T1, who are Three-time Worlds winners. It was 3-1.

At the stadium the announcers spoke of the DRX win in the context of "a miraculous run." The players on the two teams -- losers and winners alike -- shed tears.

The finals will pit the two South Korean teams against each against each other in games of skill and wits. "League's" every year esports event featured an interesting story this year one of the teams T1, which won the tournament, was a clear favourite among the crowd as the most successful team ever in the history of the esport and the other, DRX, has been the one that was a bit of an underdog and nobody predicted it would make it to this point. The underdog won. The cheers of "DRX" were heard throughout the arena.

Many people took part in hundreds of fans attended Worlds on the ground, but a lot more people tuned in on the internet to watch two teams battle it against each other to win the top spotand the largest portion of a majority of the prize money that was donated by fans. (The final prize pool hasn't yet been released.) The winner will be rewarded with about 500 thousand dollars. which could increase depending on whether Riot offers more cosmetics for in-game use according to the company.

Viewers of online events was at its highest with 5,031,323 people watching according to tracking and analytics company Esports Charts. This figure doesn't include Chinese platforms.

It is notable that the two teams competing in Finals played were South Korean, marking the revival of South Korea's supremacy in "League" sports after China claimed the victory in 2021, 2019 , and in 2018. The winner of the tournament in 2018 is an extremely well-known players, Lee Sang Hyeok, more popularly than "Faker," a midlaner who has reflexes that remind of the most famous basketball players.

As we approach the finals, fans who have been around for a while of "League" naturally been drawn to T1, but some were intrigued by the Cinderella tale of DRX that had never previously won.

DRX was introduced to Worlds with lots of questions about them, said Eric Teixeira who is a Brazilian journalist and content creator. They are constantly improving and becoming more reliable. Teixeira placed a bet of 40 on what was believed to be a improbable DRX win in the quarterfinals of New York and won $400 against all odds,report by welcome bonus online casino malaysia.

Avril Alanna, 21, a professional content creator for the esports group Cloud9 who flew from Maryland to take part in Saturday's finals She said she's been cheering for DRX just because they're the weakest team.

This will be [DRX Bot laner Kim Hyuk Kyu] Deft's debut Worlds campaign that has made it this far and he's been working in the field for so long that it could be a fantastic story of the value of hard work and when you pursue your goals and work at it, you can accomplish everything," Alanna said. She's well-aware of the way hard work pays dividends -- she began playing "League" at 10 years old. Eight years later, in 2019 she climbed to Challenger which is the highest level of "League of Legends.

The Worlds' organization, Riot Games, owned by Chinese conglomerate Tencent is aiming to bring Worlds as as commonplace in the public awareness of people as Super Bowl is in the United States. Super Bowl is in the United States.

Riot's chief of the global "League" Esports Naz Aletaha told in an interview "If you've heard about 'League of Legends' and you're playing 'League of legends and you're looking to be tuned in to Worlds which is our aim. That's why I compare this with Super Bowl." Super Bowl."