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Eighteen trapped in Xinjiang gold mine collapse

Eighteen trapped in Xinjiang gold mine collapse

Rescuers were on the job Sunday trying to rescue 18 people who were who were trapped underground following the cave-in of a mine in China's northwest's Xinjiang region, the state media said.

There were 40 workers who were underground working at the mine located in Yining county, located around 100 km (60 miles) from the border with Kazakhstan at the moment of the mine's collapse on Saturday afternoon.

Twenty-two miners were taken to the surface, however 18 miners remain in the mine. A search and rescue mission is under way to rescue the remaining miners, Xinhua news agency reported late on Saturday night,reported by most trusted online slots.

The safety of mine workers has improved in recent years, as has the coverage in the media of major incidents. Many of these were previously ignored. Yet accidents are still common in a field in which safety rules are frequently insufficient, particularly on the most basic websites.

In September 19 miners who were trapped beneath the earth after the collapse of an underground coal mine located in the province of northwest Qinghai were discovered dead following an extensive search. However, in December 2021 twenty miners were rescued from a coal mine that was flooded in the northern Shanxi province. Two other miners died.