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FIFA Announces Entire Range Of Nightmarish Blockchain World Cup Games

FIFA Announces Entire Range Of Nightmarish Blockchain World Cup Games

This calendar year EA Sports and FIFA have ended their partnership which lasted for thirty years, mostly due to the irreparably corrupt sports governing body was with all sorts of bizarre demands for rights to their names. EA quit in the end, and FIFA attempted to convince itself that it was all perfect. It's not.

FIFA has been extremely quick in forming alliances with "other businesses" that have led in a shambling Robloxtie-in, however, things went worse this morning when FIFA released an announcement titled "FIFA announces a range of games on the web 3.0 games in advance the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022".

This announcement begins to claims that it's about esports however, it's really about selling some shite metaverse/cryptocurrency shit, claims that there are four more FIFA World Cup games are being added to the Robloxone and will have some sort of horrifying Web 3.0 integration.

The first game will be AI League: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition It's an "4-on-4 casual football game that is played by AI-controlled players, with input from players during the right moments of fun and strategic." This is the most common theme found of games that are web 3.0 games since it's simpler to create and implement. Also, it removes the enjoyment from the game, which is a different characteristic of web 3.0 games.

The other one is FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 within the Upland Metaverse. "Upland is the biggest blockchain-based metaverse that is mapped with the world" according to the release, "where players can buy and sell virtual properties. The players can now acquire the official FIFA World Cup digital assets as well as famous video highlights from the event". I'm feeling like I'm returning in the month of March 2021.

The third edition, Matchday Challenge:

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Edition, targets the emotional excitement of football fans by offering a fun and engaging social game of prediction built around football cards, where the core of the excitement comes not by "getting things right" but also from having the highest score in your circle of friends,said by best football betting sites malaysia.

The fourth one is FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on the Phygtl. We spent some time discussing how it could be called before I came up with "Fig-Tull". It's not even the sound of an actual game, but more of a blockchain-related vision:

Phygtl is a fan-engagement mobile app that elevates the fandom to a whole new level. A fully immersive experience where fans come together on the aim of co-creating the world's first fan generated digital reward. Fans can augment a golden-globe-football from the palm of their hands into their real-life environment, own a limited fragment of it to attach and eternalize their handpicked FIFA World Cup pictures and video moments. A digital representation of the ultimate passion.

It's hard picking what the single funniest thing from all these announcements is, from the months-past-the-bubble-bursting timing of the deals to the fact nobody pitching these has any interest in actual video game design, but has got their bag from FIFA regardless.

The thing I find most interesting for me is watching FIFA play around like this and not knowing they're up to, almostmakes you feel sorry to EA Sports. I'm curious how many years they were forced to spend in a conference room with idiots from FIFA throwing around this kind of rubbish? I'm certain that the answer, based on their bitter split and their acrimonious split, is "too too many".