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Guan Eng dismisses call for politicians facing graft charges to sit out polls

Guan Eng dismisses call for politicians facing graft charges to sit out polls

DAP Lim Guan Eng, chairman of the DAP has dismissed a suggestion from an anti-graft NGOs to politicians who are facing corruption allegations to abstain from the forthcoming elections. Lim Lim, who will be contesting his Bagan seat during the general elections of 15th (GE15) He stated that he'll give the people to decide on his fate.

A former Penang head of state, who has been accused for corruption in connection to the undersea tunnel project, claimed that the evidence against him was unfounded.

For myself, there's no evidence of money, and I'm thinking that's the place we should let people make their decision, Lim told reporters at a dinner in the city,stated by roulette wheel online.

The man was asked make a comment regarding the center to Stop Corruption and Cronyism's (C4) claim that those facing corruption allegations in court shouldn't take part in the next general elections. The political figures, C4 chairman Edmund Terence Gomez said, should clean their names prior to standing for elections.

Gomez further stated that, aside from Lim other candidates, such as Presidents from Umno and Muda the presidents of Muda and Umno - Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman respectively should also stay away from the vote. DAP secretary general Loke Siew Fook, meanwhile claimed that it was just Gomez's personal opinion. We appreciate his views.

DAP Youth chief Dr Kelvin Yii stated that there was the need to believe that the person is innocent until they prove otherwise by a the court. The group, he stated believes in the system of justice and permit a fair process to be carried out. And If anyone is found guilty and convicted, our position remains the same: we are steadfast in the fight against corruption. Yii said.

Pontian candidate

The event was attended by Loke also announced the addition of DAP's GE15 seats in the parliamentary race The total number of candidates to 55. Shazwan Zdainal Abidin has been declared one of the candidates for Pontian in which he will compete against Barisan Naional's (BN) Ahmad Maslan and Perikatan Nasional's Isa Hamid.