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Have no fear, go out to vote, says IGP

Have no fear, go out to vote, says IGP

The citizens need not be worried about going to the polls to fulfill their obligations as voters during the general election on Monday the Inspector General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.

He stated that around 80 000 police officers were employed, and that all forces are mobilized to protect the public and security, particularly on the day of voting until the election.

Stern measures can be taken on any group who tries to disrupt public order, and especially those who could impact the vote the day of the election, he said in the statement.

The police will not be in compromise with any group that will not stand up to protect the safety of the public and maintain order. Acryl Sani also warned that all parties should not hold events in public areas or for parades to commemorate victory. He further stated that, to ensure a the flow of traffic, police would conduct Ops Lancar by focusing on specific areas classified as having a high rate of congestion,said by live casino malaysia.

PM hopes voters reach home safely

The Prime Vice-President Ismail Sabri Yaakob said he hopes that the family members from the Malaysian family can safely reach their respective homes and vote centres in order to fulfill their voting obligations.

Tomorrow, we vote. If you are outside of the United States, make sure you go back (to your home town) to fulfill your duty as an eligible voter. I pray that you be able to safely get to your localities as well as the voting centers and be able to return safely as well, he wrote in a post to his Facebook page this morning.

Ismail said he hopes that the tomorrow's vote will be smooth, without incident or a negative incident. An estimated 21.1 million people are expected to cast their votes in comparison to 14.9 million in the 2018 election.