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High Court decides on Dec 7 if Dutch model’s family can sue govt

High Court decides on Dec 7 if Dutch model’s family can sue govt

The High Court in this city has set the 7th of December to decide on a request by the police and government to dismiss a suit filed from the families of Dutch model Ivana Smit, claiming that they had allegedly violated of their statutory obligations and negligence during her death investigation.

The Judicial Commissioner Roz Mawar Rozain established the date following hearing the submissions of senior federal counsel Azhar Hamzah as well as Smit's family attorney, SN Nair.

Her mother, Christina Carolina Gerarda Johanna Verstappen filed the suit in 2020. She named the police, the government and the investigating officer Faizal Abdullah among the defendants. She claimed they were unable to determine the cause of death for Smit,report by online casino real money.

Smit He was just age 18 when he died of his death, was found deceased on the 6th floor in CapSquare Residence here on Dec 7, 2017 after falling from a room located on the 20th floor, which was which was owned by American couple Alex Johnson and Luna Almazkyzy. In 2018. The cause was determined and a coroner's jury delivered a misadventure verdict.

After revisions of the High Court, Justice Collin Lawrence Sequerah was ruled that the death of Smit was the result of "persons not known to the public". In the early hours of today, Azhar said the family's lawsuit is similar to controlling the operation for the police probe.

The investigation into the murder is ongoing and that the current lawsuit could impede the investigation. They want to determine how an investigation should be carried out, which is against the policy of the public, he said.

Nair however, informed the judge that the government's striking-out claim is an "afterthought" because it was filed only following an appeal to the Court of Appeal reinstated the lawsuit in the early part of in the year. He also pointed on the legal requirement that requires the relatives of the deceased to file a lawsuit within three years of the day that the deceased died. The suit, he said, will not hinder the investigation of the authorities into the death of Smit.