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How 'Money Heist: Korea' Leaves the Door Open for Season 2

How 'Money Heist: Korea' Leaves the Door Open for Season 2

From bloody standoffs and tense fight scenes to a dynamic, Matrix-style slow-motion fight scenes part 2 of the Korean spin-off of Money Heist, the cult Spanish crime drama that is available on Netflix it's a thrilling emotional rollercoaster ride that comes to a fresh starting point.

The initial episode of the K-drama hit series that sees an elaborate robbery and hostage situation unfold in an Korean mint set the stage to create the ideal storm to unfold in the following installment which will bring the genius crime plotted by Professor (played by Jitae Yu, who is also called Yoo Ji-tae, who is the protagonist of The Oldboy movie written by the acclaimed Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook) into full completion.

The strong female characters are the star of the spotlight in the Korean adaptation, which has many must make brave choices to protect those they cherish.

In an interview with Newsweek on the phone from Seoul The South Korean capital, ahead of the premiere of the show Kim Yun-jin who is the star in The Lost television show, who is the powerful female negotiator of the South Korean police task force in the Korean Money Heist series, stated: Both in the original series as well as in the Korean version the role women take on is huge and is evident in the heist team which we see by both the Tokyo as well as Nairobi protagonists.

In the wake of some difficult challenges even the Professor could not have expected, the heist group (each of them named after the city they are named after) manages to make a quick run from mint,report by sbobet football betting.

There are a lot of unanswered issues The intriguing conclusion in Part 2 leaves the door open for a third season, though it has not been confirmed. This week we look into some of the mystery that remains within The Korean adaptation of The Money Heist that could provide possibilities for exploration in the future of a second season.

Where are Berlin as well as Seoul?

Berlin (played by Emmy and Screen Actors Guild award nominee Park Hae-soo from the Squid Game series)--who is the brother of Professor Lee--was initially believed to have died because he was unable to leave the entry point of the tunnel to escape in an effort to stop the police from entering the tunnel. Seoul (played by Lim Ji-yeon) was also believed to have passed away when he tried to save Berlin inside the tunnel.

The two were found emerging from a hole and then disappearing into the crowd of protesters after wearing two the heist masks of the team that were found abandoned on the ground. Berlin then calls the Professor via phone to inform that Seoul as well as Seoul have returned to the scene.

However, at the end of the show they did not appear to have disembarked the train on which they and the rest of the group had boarded for their escape. Perhaps the pair had gone home to Vladivostok, Russia, where Berlin was running his own group? Could they have reconnected with the heist group for a second season?