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I never met Jho Low, lawyer tells Najib’s trial

I never met Jho Low, lawyer tells Najib’s trial

A lawyer testified before that the High Court in Najib Razak's 1MDB trial that he'd never had a conversation with the businessman fugitive Low Taek Jho, also called Jho Low, during the time he was representing this sovereign funds.

Lim Chin Hian, a partner at Wong & Partners said this in a cross-examination conducted by the lawyer for Najib Shafee Abdullah over a discussion. I'm 100% sure I've not had the pleasure of meeting Jho Low. claimed Lim.

Shafee stated that witnesses observed Lim who is known by the name of Mark as well as his accomplices Brian Chia and Jho Low at the time of the meeting. But, Shafee was not able to provide details about the date or location where the gathering took place. Lim has denied being a part of any gathering,said by slot machine online casino.

Inquired if Lim knew that Chia had prepared a legal opinion to justify the transfer US$700 million of 1MDB's funds in to Good Star Limited, which was a business that had no business connection to 1MDB, Lim said that it was later discovered the fact that Good Star was owned by Jho Low. 1MDB had entered in a joint venture agreement with PSI. The terms of the agreement stipulated that 1MDB required to pay $1 billion to fund the joint venture.

The whole US$1 billion was intended to be transferred into a joint venture 1MDB-PSI bank account , however only US$300 million were transferred into the account. Lim also admitted to in court that he was studying Chia's legal opinion for first time before a courtroom and that he was only informed of the transfer of the balance 700 million dollars through news reports.

Shafee Are you of the opinion that legal (by Chia) was formulated in order to profit Jho Low, and also his gang within the Management team? Lim You can't make comments. The hearing continues in front of Justice Collin Lawrence Sequerah. Najib is awaiting trial on 25 counts for abuse of authority as well as money laundering in connection with suspected 1MDB accounts worth RM2.28 billion that he deposited in the AmBank accounts from February between February 2011 and December 2014.