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Iran prison fire death toll grows as some EU states call for sanctions

Iran prison fire death toll grows as some EU states call for sanctions

Eight prisoners perished due to the fire that erupted in Tehran's Evin prison on the weekend, the judiciary of Iran said the following day (Oct 17) increasing the number of deaths resulting from the fire that has heightened tensions on Iran's government in its struggle to contain protests of a massive scale.

The death of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish Iranian woman who died in a prison cell on 16 September after being arrested by the morality police of Iran for "inappropriate clothing", unleashed a mass of protests that quickly spread to all levels of society.

The unrest has become one of the most threatening oppositions to Iran's clerical leaders since the revolution of 1979 and protesters are calling for the end of the Islamic Republic, even if the protests don't seem near to overturning the regime,report by online genting casino malaysia.

Iran's judiciary claimed that the fire that occurred on Saturday night was started by prisoners at the workshop following a fight and that the dead were a result of smoking inhalation. They were all from an area in the prison for prisoners who were who were convicted of robbery-related offenses according to the report.

Tehran's brutal crackdown on protests that include every strata of society has been met with harsh critique from United States and other Western powerhouses. Perhaps opening up a new avenue for foreign pressure The various European Union countries called on Monday the imposition of sanctions on Iran regarding transfers of Iranian drones to Russia.

Ukraine has been notified of the number of Russian attacks using Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones in the last few weeks, and also on Monday, Russia struck Ukrainian cities using drones, injuring at least four persons within an apartment complex in the center of Kyiv in the morning rush hour. Ukraine has claimed that the attacks were perpetrated by Iranian-made "suicide drones" and claimed Tehran was the culprit behind"the "murders of Ukrainians".

Iran has denied supplying drones to Russia after its invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin hasn't made any comments. The protests in Iran have led to Iranians demanding the demise of the Islamic Republic, even if protests aren't close to overthrowing the regime.

Eight prisoners perished in the aftermath of the fire that struck Iran's Evin prison on the weekend, Iran's judiciary reported on Monday. Iran's judiciary claimed that the fire that occurred on Saturday night was started by prisoners at the workshop following a fight and that those who died were victims of smoking inhalation.

Evin In 2018, the prison was removed from the blacklist of authorities of the US administration due to "serious human rights violations" and holds political prisoners and a number of detainees who are facing charges of security as well as Iranians who have dual nationality.

Iran's highest judge Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei blamed this incident to "agents of Iran's enemies" and the ministry of foreign relations said an incident could have happened in any country. Iran has accused other countries that have declared support for the protests of meddling into their domestic affairs, including the president Ebrahim Raisi who, on Sunday accused the US partner for encouraging "chaos chaos, terror as well as destruction" in Iran.

One traffic officer was shot on Monday morning in Saravan in the southeast of Iran by the police chief of the province who declared to be "terrorists" Armed with assault rifles made of AK-47. Gunshot sounds were often being heard throughout Sanandaj, a Kurdish capital city Sanandaj according to audio recordings that the human rights organization Hengaw received.

A dozen young men on an important historical street in the town of Isfahan protested on Monday, chanting "death to dictator" the slogan of popular culture that is a reference to the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. In the University of Mazandaran located in the northern part of Iran there were a lot of female students were heard calling on their teachers to join the protests, as a video posted on social media revealed.


The demonstrations, which began at the funeral of Amini's within the Kurdish city of Saqez and quickly spread to provinces and cities across Iran which is a nation with greater than 80 million inhabitants. Demonstrations continued on Monday morning in central Yazd and in a number of other cities which include Piranshahr in the northwest , and Tehran.

The popular militant Tasvir1500 Twitter account posted footage of protesters burning tires on the streets, as well as calling for murder of Khamenei. Reuters was unable to independently confirm the authenticity of the videos. The majority of the crackdown carried out that security officials have carried out has been focused on the northwest region where the bulk of the approximately 10 million Kurds reside, however the protests have also swept through different areas that house ethnic minorities who have long-standing grievances against the government.

The religious leaders of Iran have declared the unrest is part of an uprising that broke away by the Kurdish minority, which is threatening the unity of the country, not its clerical system.

Iran is deploying the Basij militia, which are voluntary military forces that have been at the front of the suppression of popular protests however, they have been unable to gain control. Its elite Revolutionary Guards, who have not participated in the crackdown, started military drills on Monday.

Rights groups claimed that at least at least 240 protesters were executed, with 32 juveniles. More than 8,000 people have been detained in 111 towns and cities, Iranian activist news agency HRANA announced on Saturday. The authorities haven't yet released the death toll. Iran that has blamed the violence on its enemies both at both home and abroad, denies that security troops have been killed by protesters. State media reported on Saturday that at the least 26 members of security forces were injured in the midst of "rioters".