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Jimmy Toh to be appointed new chief executive director of People's Association

Jimmy Toh to be appointed new chief executive director of People's Association

The late Mr Jimmy Toh Yong Leng will be appointed the chief executive director (designate) of the People's Association (PA) on November 1 according to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) confirmed this morning (Oct 17).

Mr Toh will succeed the former Lim Hock Yu as chief executive director (CED) of PA beginning January 1, 2023. He will be succeeded by Mr. Lim taking his leave on the same day. Mr. Toh has been appointed deputy head of communications in the government (operations) within the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI). He played an important role in coordinating all government initiatives within the MCI's Information Group and across the Government.

Most recently, he was in charge of the whole-of-the-world effort to provide current and accurate information about COVID-19 through a variety of channels, with the aim to inspire Singaporeans to take precautionary management strategies, health protocols, as well as vaccination," stated MCCY in the press release,said by biggest online sportsbooks.

Prior to his role at MCI, he served as senior director of the Prime Minister's Office-Communications Group, and senior director (engagement) at MCI. In 2017, Mr. Toh was awarded his Public Administration Medal (Silver) for his contribution to the public service. Mr. Lim is expected to join his position at the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI) as secretary-general starting January 1st 2023. MCCY said. He was named the PA's CED in June 2020. In the past, he served as the deputy chief executive since April 2016.

Mr. Lim played a key role in PA playing a crucial part in the fight against COVID-19. MCCY said that Mr Lim was instrumental in this. PA guaranteed the wellbeing of the population and boosted its resilience by mobilizing the local personnel and volunteers to spread awareness about public safety and health, assist quarantined families and intensify efforts to aid neighbours and implementing financial assistance and support programmes.

As the task commander of the force responsible in charge of Vaccination mobilization and engagement Operations, Mr. Lim led the effort across the country to help those with disabilities and seniors to be vaccinated and quickly transformed local clubs across the island to vaccination centers. He also managed outreach programs to keep the community involved throughout the implementation of safety-related measures for management.

Under his direction, PA embarked on Community 2025 plan that outlines the long-term goals as well as strategies to PA to build stronger bonds with the community and resilience to social change, MCCY said.

The Hon. Edwin Tong, deputy chairman of the PA expressed his gratitude to Mr. Lim for his long-term service to the PA that he performed with excellence. He was a key player during a difficult time for the PA in the last two years.

However Lim maintained a sharp commitment to a number of initiatives to improve it easier for the PA better-connected and accessible to people we serve. I am sure that Mr. Lim will manage SCCCI with the same distinction and achieve success.