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Kang Ha Neul And Ha Ji Won Show Care And Affection For Each Other As A Family In “Curtain Call”

Kang Ha Neul And Ha Ji Won Show Care And Affection For Each Other As A Family In “Curtain Call”

KBS2's newest show " Curtain Call" shared a touching scene in the midst of Ha Ji Won and Kang Ha Neul! Curtain Call is a brand new KBS drama about an old hotelier in North Korea who doesn't have any time left and a stage actor who plays the role of her grandchild to fulfill her last wish. Kang Ha Neul is Yoo Jae Heon an undiscovered theatre actor who takes on an extraordinary journey, and Ha Ji Won stars as the heiress Park Se Yeon, who oversees her own hotel, the Nakwon Hotel owned by her grandmother Ja Geum Soon (played by Go Doo Shim).


Recently, Park Se Yeon took Yoo Jae Heon, who claims as Ri Moon Sung, Park Se Yeon's twin brother, who is from north Korean, on an excursion around Seoul. The new photos capture the two in secret conversations on an unlit bench in the late at night.

Yoo Jae Heon poses Park S Yeon simple questions, believing that she's unhappy with her ex-fiance Bae Dong Je's ( Kwon Sang Woo's) method of expressing his feelings. Park Se Yeon responds to his questions by throwing similar ones in his direction. In this manner, unfathomable and subtle emotions arise between the two, who believe in each other as family.

Park Se Yeon, who has put the hotel's development before her personal happiness, is set to gradually reveal her true feelings toward her older sibling Yoo Jae Heon. She will also reveal her feelings. The viewers are eager to learn how their relationship develops in the next episodes. Curtain Call will air its next season on November 15 "Curtain Call" will be broadcast the 15th of November at 9:00 p.m. at KST,reported by live casino malaysia.