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Kg Matang Pasir residents in no mood to vote after yet another flood

Kg Matang Pasir residents in no mood to vote after yet another flood

It is our destiny, said a rather philosophical Pak Aziz of last Saturday's flooding at Kampung Matang Pasir, the village located in the Matang district of Perak in which he's lived throughout his entire life. Like clockwork, floods are a regular feature of the village each month, but this flood was more severe than anything the man has witnessed in his entire life.

The levels of water were higher than normal ... it was reaching at around the waist." the official told FMT. It typically is only around knee-deep.Pak Aziz, 60, and his family make up the families of the last 20 who are staying at the village. His family is the largest of the villager population. His siblings are among them who are fishermen along with their families. Pak Aziz himself operates a restaurant along the banks of a tributary to Sungai Perak.

The level of the river was extraordinary high, with powerful flows, as FMT visited three days following the floods. The locals were working to clean their homes after flooding. It was a job that required removing heavy layers of mud from the floor and walls. Luckily, a group of people from Bukit Gantang was on hand to help. The regular flooding has caused damage to the infrastructure of the area. For example the main road in the area is so full of potholes that getting into the village requires agility and expertise of off-roading.

However, nobody even blinks an eye today. The floods occur so frequently that the elected representative of the village has not paid any attention to the village's situation. The idea of the community is that it is so small with little population, and is located in such a remote area about only an hour's drive away from Taiping and Taiping, the closest town , that it's not worth the effort of getting things better.

Pak Aziz said that during the floods, every villager was provided with a mattress as well as food, while they were taken to the evacuation center. That was the way it went. It could be due to the fact that we're in a rural location which means that no one's surprised any more, he said with an awry smile.

A different victim Rozaida Osman said that the continuous flooding has affected the enthusiasm of voters to participate for the general election. I was shocked when I observed (my) home and electrical appliances were badly damaged. I'm not able to use my fridge or washing machine any longer, she said.

If it rains again and we're not at all disposed to take part in a poll, said the 38 year-old homemaker. A number of villages within several villages in the Taiping as well as Batu Kurau districts were submerged by around 3pm on the Friday, which forced local authorities to establish five flood evacuation centers. The centres were shut two days later after the floods had completely have subsided,said by slot machine online game.

One other resident Rosni Usman who is 60 She is placing her hopes on the next elected representative to fix their issue. We have been impacted by floods a number of times, I'm not even able to tell the amount we've been displaced, she said. I only hope that the person who gets elected next will be capable of doing something to help our country, said the woman.

Kampung Matang Pasir is located in the Trong state constituency in the Bukit Gantang parliamentary seat, which was taken in the Barisan Nasional's (BN) Jamilah Zakaria and Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz Syed Abdul Fasal in GE14. Syed Abu Hussin Hafiz, who wants to keep his position at GE15 alongside Perikatan Nasional (PN), is competing against the BN's Sollehin Tajie, Pakatan Harapan's Fakharuldin Hashim and Pejuang's Shukri Yusoff. Jamilah however she is battling the PN's Faisal Abdul Rahman as well as the PH's Junaida Jamaluddin.