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Ku Li falls in Gua Musang

Ku Li falls in Gua Musang

The longest-serving member of the parliament, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, was sacked from his Gua Musang seat a district in that he's served for nearly 50 years.

The Umno strongman, popularly referred to as Ku Li, lost by 163 votes to PAS' Azizi Abu Naim who won 21,826 votes according to the Election Commission said.

According by online casino malaysia website,Tengku Razaleigh, running for a 13th term, got 21663 votes over a four-cornered contest. The 85-year-old has served as Gua Musang's MMP since the year 1974, when the district became known as Ulu Kelantan. He was elected with the majority of 391 votes, compared to two other candidates who came from PAS in addition to PKR.

In the past, he had said to FMT that he'd quit politics following GE15. One of the very few members of the royal family to been willing to put their hats in the world of politics, he is an ancestor of the King Sultan Muhammad III of Kelantan and is also the granduncle of Kelantan's current Sultan of Kelantan of Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V.